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Municipality of La Molina granted operating license to Mall de Cencosud

Municipality of La Molina granted operating license to Mall de Cencosud

The only thing missing was this permit for the shopping center on Av. Raúl Ferrero to operate. Mall will open its doors “shortly.”

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Diego Uceda, mayor of La Molina, today handed over the operating license to the Cencosud Mall, leaving everything ready for it to serve the public.

The building license had recently been given to Cencosud, and the only thing missing was the operating license for the mall—located on Av. Raúl Ferrero—to open its doors after a year on standby.

Previously, the commune maintained that the infrastructure of the shopping center did not consider a road impact study, but now the authorization has been formalized since, according to Uceda, they seek to promote private investment and economic development “with respect to regulations, the common good and the neighborhood “.

From Cencosud they informed La República that they did certify compliance with all the administrative and security conditions required by current legislation, and “soon” they will begin to operate so that the Christmas campaign is not lost.


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