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What products require authorization from the MTC to buy on Black Friday?

What products require authorization from the MTC to buy on Black Friday?

It’s almost time for the attractive offers displayed by various brands regarding Black Friday. Although it is a date that has its origin in the United States, it has already spread in Peru and the rest of Latin America. Therefore, if you are looking for discounts on your Christmas gifts, this is the right date.

However, if you are one of those who prefers to make purchases on American online platforms to obtain better offers and, in addition, you have doubts about the products that require permission from various entities, for example from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC), to enter the country, we detail everything in the following note.

Blackfriday: what products require authorization from the MTC to purchase?

If you want to buy cell phones or smart watches, your entry will only be allowed if you have the approval from the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC). You can enter HERE to verify if the equipment has a homologation certificate.

It should be noted that if they have this requirement, only 5 units will be allowed to enter; If this amount is exceeded, you will have to have a detention permit from the MTC.

What other products require authorization from an entity?

We show you which products need permission and which entity to request them from.

  • If you want to bring in medicines or medical equipment, you need authorization from the General Directorate of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs (Digemid), which can be processed at this LINK.
  • If you want to buy cosmetics, you can purchase up to 4 units for personal use; If you exceed this amount, you will need your Health Record.
  • Food and beverages for commercial use must have authorization from the General Directorate of Environmental Health (Digesa).

When is Black Friday?

He Black Friday It is a date that is celebrated after Thanksgiving Day, which this year takes place on Thursday, November 23; Therefore, Black Friday will be on November 24. On this day you can find discounts in physical and online stores.

Source: Larepublica

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