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Chancay megaport will be ready in November 2024, assures the APN

Chancay megaport will be ready in November 2024, assures the APN

The Chancay Megaport will be ready to be inaugurated in November 2024, assured the National Port Authority (APN). The president of the entity, Walter Tapia Zanabria, pointed out that approximately In August of next year, the Chinese company Cosco Shipping will apply for the license it requires for its operations, so there will be enough time to reach the scheduled date.

“We develop a simulation to anticipate any issue regarding operating regulations, as well as others (contingencies). In November they are not going to ask us for the license, it will probably be earlier, in August. They themselves are establishing their critical path and we have very direct communication. From my point of view, time is enough,” Tapia said during his speech at the session of the Special Commission of Congress, which is in charge of monitoring this important project.

The official explained that the completion would have occurred earlier if it were not for the incidents presented, so today they are 50% complete. In this way, he explained that the works in the port area and entry control, for example, have continued to advance. One factor that could generate some delay could be something related to weather phenomena, Tapia said.

For his part, Carlos Molina, general manager of the APN, said that before the terminal begins operations, a 100% verification of works will be carried out and in parallel they will provide support to the company so that they can obtain a series of certifications that require for the development of its activities such as protection and security, among others.

Source: Larepublica

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