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Stock exchanges of Peru, Chile and Colombia finalize their merger

Stock exchanges of Peru, Chile and Colombia finalize their merger

Finally, the stock exchanges of Peru, Chile and Colombia made their merger official as Holding Bursátil Regional SA (HBR), called ‘nuam exchange’, through an important fact sent to the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF), the office that regulates the Chilean market.

This is the last condition that was pending – after the merger of Holding Bursátil Chilena SA (HBC) and Sociedad de Infraestructuras de Mercados SA (SIM) was approved in August – to complete the merger of the three stock exchanges and the registration in the CMF Securities Registry of the 29,273,893 first-issue shares of HBR.

According to nuam exchange, the operation seeks to generate a new, unique, open and transformative market that allows strengthening regional economies and becoming a relevant player in the global stock industry to enhance the economic development of the three nations.

Juan Andrés Camuspresident of the board of directors of HBR, told Chilean media that the operation aims to “consolidate the integration process that we are developing in our stock exchanges.”

“We seek to enhance the development and depth of the capital markets of Chile, Colombia and Peru, create greater competitiveness against global players and, therefore, contribute to the economic development of our countries,” said the executive.

Nuam exchange: interoperability is also sought

The implementation of a single platform – with homogeneous rules in the three countries – to operate equities, derivatives and fixed income is one of the next milestones for which the company is already working and it is planned that it will be operational in the three countries in 2025. markets.

Nuam exchange is also dedicated to achieving interoperability of clearing and settlement housesthe interconnection of securities deposits, and the approval of hardware and telecommunications infrastructure and corporate systems, a process developed by multidisciplinary teams from the three countries.

Source: Larepublica

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