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Exchange rate LIVE: see the exchange rate TODAY, Saturday, December 11

This Saturday, December 11, the price of the dollar in Peru It starts at S / 4,0596, according to the Bloomberg portal. In the previous day, on Friday, December 10, the North American currency closed with a value of S / 4.0595, informed the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). Likewise, in the parallel market you can find the green ticket for S / 4,050 the purchase and S / 4,080 the sale.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Francke, considered that the minimum living wage (RMV) should be raised next year, for which from his office they are making the respective calculations and thus being able to discuss it within the Executive. “We are still fine-tuning the calculations to see what the amount would be and we have to discuss it within the Government,” Francke said in dialogue with Latina.

Live: exchange rate in Peru: at what it is trading today, Saturday, December 11, 2021

The price of the dollar in the market, according to the Bloomberg portal

The price of the dollar in Peru today, Saturday, December 11, starts at S / 4.0596, according to the Bloomberg portal

Petroperú announced a new and significant reduction in the list prices of diesel and industrial diesel at its sales plants, whose prices will range between S / 0.65 and S / 0.89 soles per gallon from today. Fall is stronger than that reported by Osinergmin a few days ago.


The Economy and Constitution commissions of the Congress of the republic They scheduled for Friday, December 10, the debate on the prediction that delegates to the Executive Power the power to legislate on tax, fiscal, financial and economic reactivation matters. Economy considers 6 non-viable proposals, while Constitución considers that 9 points should be excluded.

What is the exchange rate?

We use the exchange rate, which is the price of one country’s currency (currency) in terms of another, to change a currency. It is also known as the exchange rate in other countries.

Why is the exchange rate important?

Knowing the exchange rate or exchange rate helps us to know how many units of national currency must be paid to obtain a foreign currency. For example, in Peru, to obtain one dollar, approximately three and ninety soles must be delivered.



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