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Dollar in Peru: exchange rate closed at S / 4.0595 this Friday, December 10

The price of the dollar closed lower and stood at S / 4.0595 in operations on Friday, November 10. The greenback started the day at S / 4.0785, as reported by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

In this way, the currency decreased by 0.53% compared to the close of last Thursday, December 9, when it stood at S / 4.0810. The purchase in the parallel market was located at S / 4.05 and the sale at S / 4.08. As for the price of the dollar in the main windows of the country, it stands at the purchase of S / 4,053 and the sale of S / 4,079, in the Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP).

Likewise, it accumulates a gain of 12.17% against the sun so far in 2021, after closing at S / 3,619 in 2020.


This occurs after the commissions of Economy and Constitution of the Congress of the republic They scheduled for today the debate of the prediction that delegates to the Executive Power the power to legislate in tax, fiscal, financial and economic reactivation matters. However, despite the fact that the Executive has proposed an ambitious tax reform package, it would not be given powers on all points.