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CCL: It is urgent to improve reporting channels and meritocracy to eradicate corruption

The Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) organized the I International Forum on Integrity and the Fight against Corruption, an event in which one of the main conclusions was that the meritocracy should be a mandatory mechanism in the public sector. Likewise, the fight against corruption should promote reporting channels “where whistleblowers are protected”.

Forum participants also highlighted the importance of transparency to avoid conflicts of interest. For the CCL, it is a challenge for public institutions “to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in the management of their resources.”

In the same vein, they underlined the need to coordinate work between businessmen, the public sector and civil society. The union considers that private parties should be summoned to support the “better management of hiring and other issues.”

Anti-corruption measures during the pandemic

The president of the CCL, Peter Anders, emphasized that the health crisis caused by COVID-19 accelerates the need to fight corruption. Anders recalled that, during 2020, the economic losses derived from the pandemic were around 22,000 million soles.

Anders added that the current system of Laws and “excessive regulations” contribute to corruption, while increasing bureaucracy. This, in addition to increasing the payroll of the State, generates “cumbersome procedures for those who seek to create enterprises.”

For his part, the president of the CCL’s Commission for Integrity and Fight against Corruption, Hernán Lanzara, recalled that there are currently more than 1,400 ongoing tax investigations against regional and local authorities for mismanagement of funds to contain the pandemic.


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