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Awarding of lots VI and Z-69 will culminate at the end of 2025

Awarding of lots VI and Z-69 will culminate at the end of 2025

The awarding of lots VI and Z-69 of Talara, in which private or state companies from another country may participate, will conclude towards the last quarter of 2025, according to Perupetro estimates. Meanwhile, Petroperú will temporarily operate the fields and will generate savings of more than US$160 million for the Peruvian State.

In a joint session of the Energy and Mines Commission, the minister of the sector, Oscar Verasaid he trusts that the state company will measure up to fields “that do not require major investment”—workers and services will continue—, in a scenario of global crude oil volatility.

“With Talara alone we are estimating US$700 million in annual profits and the investment level does not reach US$100 million,” he highlighted.

Isabel Tafur, head of Perupetro, clarified for her part that the state company’s participation in lots I and VI was approved ‘unanimously’ by the agency’s board of directors, while Z-69 will be seen next Thursday.

Tafur explained that, with the current price of global crude oil, the annual savings that the vertical integration of Petroperu in Lot VI it will be US$25.2 million, while in Lot Z-69 will reach US$54 million.

The times fit. Perupetro explained that the final award of the lots will require citizen participation that could take 8 months; a short qualification process by the agency, which could take 7; and the 3 months of subsequent approval by Minem and MEF. That is why 2 years of support were requested from Petroperú.

“Citizen participation is also expected in Lot X,” said Tafur.

In turn, the president of Petroperú, Pedro Chira, announced that the comprehensive services company required by the qualification regulations to enter Talara will be chosen this Friday. The initial list of interested parties included world-class companies such as SLB and Cheiron.

The word

Oscar Vera Gargurevich, Minister of Energy and Mines

“With the war, oil is going to skyrocket to US$150 per barrel. “Whoever has oil at an international price is going to benefit a lot, and in Talara nothing special is required to continue working.”


  • Oils. Petroperú and Perupetro have already completed direct negotiations for lots I, VI and Z-69. The commitment is to maintain production.
  • Charges. Minem reported that the new Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons would be known this week.

Source: Larepublica

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