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Investment of 14 regions below 40%

Investment of 14 regions below 40%

From January to September of this year, S/29.5 billion were executed, an advance of 45.1% of the public budget allocated to projects, according to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

Although the national government is the one that has implemented the greatest resources so far this year, with an advance of 53.9%, the Regional governments (40.4%) and local (39.4%) have not invested even 41% of their resources.

“What we want to do with this monitoring is identify which regional and local governments are not executing to take more measures,” said the head of the MEF, Alex Contreras, within the framework of the balance on public investment.

Execution that worries

Of the 25 regional governments, there are 14 that have an execution level below 40%; There are even five that have invested less than 30%.

In detail, those that have spent the least resources so far this year are the constitutional province of Callao (24.3%), Huánuco (24.5%), Áncash (26.4%), Tacna (27.4% ) and La Libertad (28.9%). In contrast, the regional governments of Apurímac (51.8%), Tumbes (53.9%), Ayacucho (56.5%), Junín (56.9%) and Arequipa (57.4%) are the ones with the highest execution. However, none managed to exceed the execution threshold expected by the MEF.

The minister also expressed his concern about the low execution of local governments, since for the third consecutive month they registered a drop in public investment. In September the decline was 13.1% compared to the same month in 2022.

“That worries us because we are already eight months into the administration, there has already been a learning curve, so that means that teams are not responding at the local government level“Argued Contreras Miranda.

Low execution by FEN

Of the S/4,116 million that were allocated to respond to the El Niño phenomenon emergency, only S/548 million have been executed, that is, 13.3% at the end of September, according to the MEF portal.

In it National governmentWith the Agrarian and Irrigation sector being the one with the most resources (S/1,195 million), it has executed only 6.4% of the resources. While the regional government of Piura has been executing 5.1%.

Source: Larepublica

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