With the unexpected announcement of the closure of Equair, dozens of users who bought tickets began calling the channels offered by the airline.

The cessation of operations surprised the market because the airline did not show signs of major difficulties in making this decision, and the government did not issue warnings about the reasons for the closure.

In fact, the Quito-Coca line started operating a few days ago. And this Saturday’s services were published in the itineraries on the airport websites.

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The company indicated that, for the peace of mind of its passengers, it has defined a process to provide a timely solution to all customers who have already made a previous purchase.

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He announced that through a non-profit passenger protection agreement, Latam Airlines Ecuador has made available seats on its planes to take them to their destinations at no additional cost.

As part of this process, Latam explained that Equaira passenger protection spaces will be allocated according to seat availability on domestic flights operated by the company, with accommodation rules corresponding to this agreement.

Equair closes operations after two years of operation. Latam supports passengers with alternative seats

Posted by El Universo on Saturday, September 30, 2023

In the case of passengers with nearby flights (less than 24 hours), they must go directly to the airports of Quito, Guayaquil, Coca, San Cristóbal and Baltra, at least 2 hours before the departure of the flight to Latam.

Passengers with flights more than 24 hours away should go to Latam outlets in the country.

Within Equair’s passenger protection policies, the following criteria are established:

● Accommodation is only possible in person.

● Seats will be allocated based on seat availability on domestic flights operated by Latam Airlines Ecuador.

● Applies to passengers with an Equaira flight date between 30 September 2023 and 31 December 2023 and for those who complete their journey in 2024.

● Passengers must present the original ticket for their Equair flight to access security.

● Applies to one-way or two-way tickets. The origin and destination of the original map will be retained.

● Applies to domestic flights between Quito, Guayaquil, Coca, San Cristóbal and Baltra (Santa Cruz).

● Hand luggage of 10 kg and one suitcase of 23 kg will be allowed.

● Tickets are not subject to change or refund.

● Passengers with flights within the same day and up to 24 hours can access their accommodation at Latam points of sale at the airports of Quito, Guayaquil, Coca, San Cristóbal and Baltra.

● Passengers with flights more than 24 hours away can access their transfer at LATAM points of sale available in the country.

● Passengers must arrive at least 2 hours before the departure of the Latam flight.

● The flight itineraries offered by Latam can be viewed on the website.

Equair, which is leaving the domestic market, was created with 100% Ecuadorian investment and had more than 200 associates.

The airline opened its activities with up to 66 weekly flights between Quito and Guayaquil, 12 to the Galapagos Islands and up to 10 frequencies to Coca.

“The commitment of its shareholders and main managers has always fulfilled the mission of promoting national development and job creation. “Since then, the company has achieved up to 17% market share on the routes we fly,” he said in a statement.