Although it has not yet been decided whether to abolish or maintain the premium diesel quota system imposed on 455 of the country’s 1,200 gas stations, the National Chamber of Petroleum Distributors of Ecuador (Camddepe) believes they have taken a step forward in the public hearings held this Friday, September 29 , in Quito.

The sector attributes the problem petrol stations face to these quotas – which are now being debated in court: at the beginning of the week Camddepe president Ivo Rosero reported that at least 100 stations no longer have premium diesel, and now he says that more than 300 are without this fuel . The next supply is scheduled for this Sunday, October 1, after the monthly quota is reactivated.

At least 100 gas stations across the country are out of premium diesel, according to fuel distributors

Camddepe presented a protective action with precautionary measures against the Ministry of Energy and Mining, the Agency for the Regulation and Control of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources and Petroecuador for the “temporary suspension of the decision-resolution made” by those entities. maintain quotas at 455 gas stations.

“We have hope, we think that the appointed judge will act accordingly by suspending this counter-technical measure that does not solve anything. Because what they do is give quotas to stations that run out by the 20th of the month, so the neighboring station starts selling more and the next month they say: ‘you had unusual growth so you also give quotas,'” explained Rosero.

The hearing was supposed to be held on Tuesday, September 26, but at the request of the parties, it was postponed until today. According to union president Ivo Roser, the Chamber requested a report on the traceability of gas stations with quotas, and the Agency asked the Chamber to provide a list of 455 gas stations with the physical signature of each of them.

The information on the traceability of 455 gas stations from January to August was not presented at the hearing, the leader claims, but only from August, so the judge who led the proceedings gave the state body a deadline of four days. present that data.

“We are looking for this information to show that there is no unusual increase in sales, because it will show that each of the 455 stations had a normal development from January to August, so the Agency is simply presenting data for August that has nothing. see,” said Rosero.

Gas stations with premium diesel sales quotas increased from 109 to 455 in less than a month, most of them in Pichincha

The presenter indicated that during this Friday she is expected to receive a notification about the new date and time of the next hearing.

He also noted that two transport unions presented themselves in this case amicus curiae. One is from the National Heavy Transport Federation of Ecuador (Fenatrapa), “because they were also affected by this establishment of quotas,” he said.

while the other amicus curiae It was presented by the Azuay Transporters Association, which has 9,000 members. “They were also affected and support our request, which has already been presented,” he said.