The banana and Plata cluster of Ecuador was visited by Charles-Michel Geurts, the ambassador of the European Union (EU), a major destination for the fruit, with the aim of publicizing the efforts in sustainability, social and security issues that it manages. sector.

Together with members of the Cluster and partners of the Association of Ecuadorian Banana Exporters (AEBE), they visited banana farms in El Oro, warehouses, ports and various social projects related to health and education.

The banana cluster requires security in export and not to damage the image of the industry

During the eight months of 2023, as a bloc, the European Union remains the main destination for bananas, receiving 29.89% of its fruit exported by Ecuador. Meanwhile, with 20.72%, Russia emerges as the second best destination. The Middle East followed with 14.87%, followed by the USA with 9.39% and a slight slowdown from January to July figures when the country accounted for 9.55% of fruit exports.

However, if banana exports are analyzed by country, Russia is the country to which the most bananas were destined with a share of 20.72%. It is followed by the United States (9.39%), the Netherlands (7.27%), Turkey (5.33%) and China (4.34%).

The goal of the sector, as pointed out by the president of the AEBE Board of Directors, Mariela Ubilla, is to solve every problem together and transparently through access to national and international public institutions. Furthermore, “what we expect with this effort is joint responsibility and commitment in every sense, from security, phytosanitary and social challenges,” he added.

Banana sector: Ecuador is already issuing permits to start the controlled commercial distribution of the variety resistant to Fusarium race 4

In this sense, the union indicated in a statement that for the Ecuadorian banana sector, the union and commitment that must exist between the main actors in the banana value chain, and the cooperation together with the EU Delegation in seeking mechanisms and means to strengthen the banana value chain, are important, ” since the issue of security must be addressed with co-responsibility, separating the product from a transnational problem that affects everyone.” He emphasized that this effort must be complemented by the actions of European countries and their authorities, since what we are facing is a global problem that has social consequences.

For his part, the executive director of AEBE, José Antonio Hidalgo, pointed out that “the ambassador’s visit serves to convey the message to Europe about the great private efforts made by this sector to bring quality bananas, sustainably and safely.”

The Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador has invited Ambassador Charles-Michel Geurts to the inauguration of the XX International Banana Convention, which will be held on October 24 at the Hilton Colón Hotel at 7:00 p.m.