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The price of the dollar closed higher and stood at S / 4.0810 this Thursday, December 9

The price of the dollar closed higher and stood at S / 4.0810 in operations on Thursday, December 9. The green ticket beginning the day at S / 4.07, as reported by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

Thus, the currency appreciates by 0.02% With respect to the closing of last Tuesday, December 7, when it stood at S / 4.0800 The purchase in the parallel market was located at S / 4.07 and the sale at S / 4.10. As for the price of the dollar in the main windows of the country, it stands at the purchase of S / 4,087 and the sale of S / 4,107, according to Blomberg.

During the day, the issuing entity went on the market to sell US $ 46 million at an average exchange rate of S / 4.0860 per dollar to attenuate the volatility of the currency. In addition, it placed exchange swaps for S / 100 million throughout the day. Likewise, it accumulates a gain of 12.77% against the sun so far in 2021, after closing at S / 3,619 in 2020.


This occurs after the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Francke, indicated that the executive is waiting to receive the powers to legislate in fiscal, tax, financial matters and the impulse of economic reactivation by the congress.



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