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Aspec asks Indecopi to open an investigation for unjustified discounts to users

Aspec asks Indecopi to open an investigation for unjustified discounts to users

After complaints from thousands of users about errors in the Interbank application, the banking entity spoke out on its social networks indicating that their balances “are safe” and that they “regret the inconvenience caused.” To address this issue, we spoke with Crisologist Cáceres from the Peruvian Association of Consumers and Users (Aspec), who gave us details regarding this case of violation of consumer rights and the sanction that Interbank could receive.

Failures in the Interbank app: what mistakes would have been committed?

In conversation with La República, the president of the Peruvian Association of Consumers and Users (Aspec), Crisología Cáceres, pointed out that Interbank’s excuses are insufficient, since it has failed to comply with its obligation to guarantee an ideal service, which is typified in the Article 18 of the Consumer Protection and Defense Code.

“The bank has not fulfilled its obligation to provide adequate service and its excuses are insufficient. Let us remember that suitability is the most important characteristic of the service provided by a supplier. It means that the consumer receives what he paid for.”he explained.

Likewise, Cáceres stated that the bank must guarantee security measures in favor of users to take care of their money, prevent it from being stolen and facilitate the mechanisms for them to withdraw and access these economic resources.

“Each consumer has a different reality and not accessing their funds can harm them on different levels. Even if service is restored, the damage has already been done and the bank cannot make a mistake like that. “You must assume your responsibility.”held.

Failures in the Interbank app: what sanctions could I receive?

According to Crisolucion Cáceres of Aspec, Indecopi can initiate an investigation ex officio and sanction the bank through a reprimand or a fine that goes up to 450 UIT, which is equivalent to S/2 million 227,500, according to the severity of the damage caused and recidivism.

“There are two types of sanctions that Indecopi can establish against the bank: a fine or corrective measures. In that sense, you can begin an ex officio process and sanction the bank with a fine of 450 UIT. In the case of corrective measures, Indecopi can order the bank to adopt protocols so that this does not happen again, to adopt measures to better serve consumers and train staff to monitor the system,” he said.

Interbank: how many complaints do you have against you?

According to information provided by Indecopi to La República, during the first 6 months of the year, 3,330 complaints have been registered through the Consumer Protection Commission. Of this total, 563 claims were registered against banking entities and 153 of them were made against Interbank.

One of the main reasons for the lawsuits are reports about financial entities that do not provide proof of debt, which must be delivered when a loan is canceled. In addition, there are complaints about account manipulation, increased commissions without notifying and unrecognized consumption.

Source: Larepublica

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