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Holiday December 8 in Peru: how much is the payment to work today?

Payment this holiday December 8 in Peru, the date on which the Virgin Mary is honored for the Immaculate Conception Day, is aimed at workers in the public and private sectors. According to the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL), they can receive triple remuneration if the company decides that they work that same day.

The manager of the CCL Legal Center, Víctor Zavala, indicated, through a statement, that “the payment of the holiday is equivalent to ordinary remuneration.” This “corresponds to a day’s work.” “However, the private sector worker has the right to receive three salaries, as long as they do not have alternative rest,” he explained.

How much do you pay today for this holiday December 8?

The worker can receive this holiday December 8 until a triple pay only if your company has decided that you work today and if they have not given you leave for a substitute rest. This triple payment is divided as follows: a daily remuneration for the holiday, a second for the work performed, and a third for having worked on a holiday, without substitute rest on another day (100% surcharge).

The Lima Chamber of Commerce, however, specified that there are ten different cases in which employees may correspond during this holiday, which was scheduled as part of a tribute to the Virgin Mary for the Immaculate Conception Day.

What are the 10 cases announced by the CCL?

1. Paid holiday: Wednesday December 8 is a national holiday for public and private workers. This holiday is duly paid, without the obligation to provide services on the part of the workers.

2. Work on holiday December 8: Private sector workers who agree with their employers to work on Wednesday, December 8, without subsequent substitute rest, must receive triple daily remuneration for the holiday: one for the holiday, another for the work performed and a third remuneration for having worked on a day holiday, without subsequent substitute rest.

3. Work on holidays with substitute rest: Workers who agree to work on December 8, with subsequent replacement rest, receive double daily remuneration, one for the holiday and the other for the work performed.

4. Remote work: The personnel who have been providing services through remote work -from their home-, do not work on December 8 and have the right to receive their remuneration for the holiday without working. If you agree with your employer that you are going to work on said holiday, without a substitute rest, you will be entitled to triple your daily salary.

5. Workers with paid, compensable leave: Workers who are on compensable paid leave, during the emergency period, will receive on their pay slip for the month of December the amount of the December 8 holiday, without having worked. This holiday is paid in full, and is not subject to subsequent compensation.

6. Workers with medical leave: workers who during December 8 are on medical leave, which coincides with the first 20 days of rest in 2021, the employer pays them the holiday without having worked, but if the rest is from day 21, the The employer pays the holiday, not as compensation but as a subsidy, which is reimbursed by EsSalud.

7. Workers affected by COVID-19: Workers with medical rest confirmed with positive COVID-19 swab are entitled to the payment of subsidies during the first 20 days of rest, which are paid by the employer out of their subsequent reimbursement by EsSalud.

8. Agreement to work on the holiday: Companies that agree to work on December 8, with the acceptance of their workers, must establish the form of compensation with other subsequent working days, otherwise, they will receive triple daily remuneration.

9.- Weekly rest that coincides with the holiday.- In the case of workers whose weekly rest coincides with the December 8 holiday, they receive double daily remuneration, one for the weekly rest and the other for the holiday.

10. Workers who are enjoying vacations: Workers who are taking annual leave during the December 8 holiday are not entitled to the payment of additional remuneration for the holiday, since, before the holiday break, the company paid them their salaries, which includes the aforementioned holiday.

What happens if I work this December 8?

If you work this December 8 without any subsequent replacement break, the company must pay you triple compensation that day. This includes the following:

  • First daily remuneration for the holiday (already included in the salary)
  • Second remuneration for work performed on that day
  • Third remuneration for working on holidays without rest.

How much more will I be paid to work this December 8 holiday?

If you still have doubts about how much more you will receive for working in this holiday, here we detail you with a didactic example.

  • First, according to your monthly salary, you must know how much you are paid daily for your work. For example, if your salary is 1,500 soles, divide it by 30 days. This will give you 50 soles a day.
  • So, if you work this holiday, you will have to receive an additional remuneration of 50 soles for your work performed and another 50 soles for working on holidays without rest.
  • That is, at the end of the month, you will receive 1,600 soles. An additional S / 100 for working this December 8.

What if I want to rest this December 8?

If you want to rest on December 8, you can choose to rest on this day and not receive extra remuneration.

If I work December 8, but I don’t want the payment?

If you prefer not to receive the extra payment, the company must give you an extra day of rest that can be charged during that week or the month, according to both parties.



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