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More than half of workers in Ecuador say they suffer from job burnout

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In Ecuador, job burnout is one of the most frequent negative experiences, according to the study Wellness 2022. What’s happening at work? A look from the collaborators, Prepared by Betterfly, whose purpose is to investigate how well-being at work is conceived in the collective imagination.

According to the report, from a sample of 4,000 workers distributed in 8 countries, 54% said they suffer from exhaustion in the workplace, better known as burnout (professional burnout syndrome or burnout syndrome). In addition, 50.2% experienced work overload and 47.7% expressed that the lack of recognition is evident in their work, which considerably affects their performance and commitment.

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In Ecuador, the burnout rate reaches 56.7% of the workers surveyed.

Burnout Syndrome: Recognize the Signs of a Burnout Worker

In centennials and millennials it is much more (70%). In addition, they feel overloaded with work (50.2%) and face endless situations linked to lack of recognition, which generates demotivation and a desire to quit (39%), according to the study by Betterfly, a digital platform that offers benefits to business partners.

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For Alexander Freund, country manager of Betterfly Ecuador and Peru, the study is the confirmation of something that is known. but how little is measured and commented on.

“The physical and mental health, as well as the financial protection of our collaborators are essential to have happy people and productive and profitable companies. There are tools, like Betterfly, that solve these sensitive issues and we must work to implement them, ”he said.

For professionals in Ecuador, remuneration, professional development and the benefits offered by the company are the three main factors that influence when changing or looking for a new job.

The study also revealed that in Ecuador well-being is synonymous with being part of a work team with a good work environment and, as a second definition, feeling happy with one’s performance. What is striking is that the possibility of making work life compatible with personal life and extra benefits to salary are only important for 35.2% and 34.2%.

Furthermore, from the perspective of engagement and commitment that so many benefits provide to organizations, 95.8% of Ecuadorian employees stated that if the organization for which they work offered them a wellness experience aligned with their expectations, they would be much more committed to the company and would recommend it to others. .


With the results of the study in sight, Betterfly makes the call to connect and empathize with the work team, and Freund gives five recommendations for the well-being of employees in companies:

  1. Highlight the importance of the work of others.
  2. Train and allow the growth of the team.
  3. Prepare an incentive plan according to the communication and priorities of the members of the organization.
  4. Encourage, promote and provide spaces that develop healthy behaviors.
  5. Flexible schedule.

Meanwhile, despite the complex regional scenario, 63% of respondents (73.6% in Colombia) stated that they “agree” or “strongly agree” with being satisfied with their work. However, more than 77.3% hope that the organization where they work improves its benefits proposal (84% in Ecuador).

Only in Ecuador, the desire to resign (42.2%) is a frequent negative emotion in workers and that not only endangers productivity in organizations, but also threatens their satisfaction and engagement. Furthermore, for Gen Z, compensation is only a priority in 77% of cases. However, for the baby boomers represents a determining element in 93.8% of cases. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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