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Potato supply in Lima falls by half only on the first day of the transport strike

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Only on the first day of the strike by transporters did the supply of potatoes in the Great Wholesale Market of Lima (GMML) fall to almost 48% of the usual unloadings of previous Wednesdays. However, it is not the only product that has suffered the effects –although still manageable– of the mobilization called by a sector of drivers due to the high price of fuels, the return of 70% of the Selective Consumption Tax (ISC) and the extension of the return of the toll rate.

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In total, only 3,306 tons of food entered the supply center the day before, a volume 30% lower than that of previous days. At the same time, there was a slight increase in the price per kilogram of some products, such as carrots, which went from S/0.94 to S/1.77; green beans, from S/3.50 to S/4.78; green bean, from S/2.20 to S/2.73; and tomato, from S/1.60 to S/1.90, among others.

The most sensitive situation was experienced in La Victoria Fruit Market No. 2, where the entry of only 1,128 tons was consigned, a volume 45.5% lower than that of the last four Wednesdays, according to the Price Supply System (SISAP). ) of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri).

Although the increase in prices here is lower if we compare it with that of tubers and vegetables in the GMML, there was evidence of an increase in some basic fruits on the household table, such as coquito melon, Hawaiian pineapple, island banana, and Israel apple. .

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The position of the carriers is still dissimilar, despite the fact that setbacks were reported at the national level the day before.

strengthens to the south

In Puno, heavy cargo carriers have proposed to desupply goods and services to the main markets of the altiplano. For this purpose, they closed all the alternate routes that connect Arequipa with the city of Juliaca. On their second day of the indefinite strike, the units that were stopped on the side of the road that connects with the mistiana region increased to about 500.

Precisely, from the White City, the leaders claim to have received, through WhatsApp messages, two proposals for bills from the Executive.

This is PL 361-2022, which promotes the preferential hiring of personnel or companies for the development of economic activities limited to the transport of goods and transport of workers; and PL 326-2022, which establishes measures to promote competition in the land transportation service. They won’t take them.

Meanwhile, the strike in the southern macro-region, made up of Arequipa, Ica, Moquegua, Cusco, Puno, Ayacucho and Apurímac, began in the Imperial City, at dawn, with the installation of pickets on La Cultura avenue, in the southern zone of the city; and the Tica Tica Arch.

From Apurímac, several leaders demanded that the central government fulfill its promise to regulate Sutran’s operations, while complying with blocking the main accesses to the provinces of Abancay, Chincheros, Andahuaylas and Aymaraes. The leader Jaime Pumapillo assured that they will remain in the fight until they are attended to.

Unemployment does not abate in the north

For their part, the transporters’ protest paralyzed work at the Paita port terminal, where nearly 800 drivers of heavy-duty vehicles turned off their engines as a measure of force.

The demonstrators did not block traffic in the areas surrounding the terminal; however, dozens of trailers were installed at the entrance to this space until around 5 pm, when they were dispersed by police personnel.

The same scenario was experienced in Sechura, Talara and other coastal departments.

For this reason, transport companies such as Dora and Andrea interrupted their services, and only private vehicles made trips to Paita.

Products such as carrots, lettuce, potatoes, lemon, onion, tomato and broccoli, among others, maintain their value. However, merchants expect the cost of these foods to increase in the coming days due to shortages in warehouses and the ban on the entry of vehicles with said merchandise.

Jorge Paredes, director of the URT La Libertad truckers union, an organization that includes 40,000 companies of which approximately 80% has been paralyzed, assured that there are five points in his list of claims.

“The first, cargo reserve, fuel, tolls, minimum cost table and, the last point, the selective tax on the consumption of petroleum fuel,” he said.

Finally, from Chiclayo the transporters arrived at the Mocce oval and prevented the passage with 70 heavy-duty vehicles. However, they failed to block traffic on the Panamericana Norte.

They demand the reservation of loads for regional truckers and the regulation of unfair competition represented by drivers from the countries of Bolivia and Ecuador, who enter through the borders transporting polluting and cheaper fuel, which is sold in Tumbes, Piura and Lambayeque. .

Carriers. They accuse the government of indifference. Photo: diffusion

National strike: the demands of the carriers

The high price of fuels is due to the fact that they have become more expensive globally due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Peru has an oil deficit, and therefore a net importer.

The unions claim the delay in Congress for the approval of the bill for the return of 70% of the selective consumption tax (ISC), despite the fact that the Ministry of Economy (MEF) gave the go-ahead.

They also demand the expansion of the return of 40% of the price of tolls, a measure launched last September to counteract inflation. Recently, the Peruvian Government extended this benefit until December 10.

Some leaders go further and maintain that Minister Richard Tineo, head of the MTC, “gives priority to illegal transportation, before formal transportation.”


Birds. The chicken per kilo remains stable between S/6.60 and S/6.40, the eggs also, between S/7.20 and S/7.10.

tank. Reference fuel prices fell to S/1.07 per gallon this week, according to Osinergmin.

Source: Larepublica

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