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Mivivienda Bonus for properties greater than S/232,200 was reduced by S/3,500

Mivivienda Bonus for properties greater than S/232,200 was reduced by S/3,500

The board of directors of the Mivivienda Fund agreed to make modifications to the regulations of the New Credit New Mivivienda, which entered into force on July 1 of this year. However, these changes implied variations in the amounts of housing subsidies for the purchase of a higher-value home.

Now him Good Payer Bonus (BBP) will be S/7,300 for those families that purchase a home that is greater than S/232,200 and does not exceed S/343,900. Before, the value of this financial support amounted to S/10,800. Also, the BBP Sustainable for the purchase of a property in that price range was reduced from S/16,200 to S/12,700.

According to the Mivivienda Fund, the benefit of the good payer award (PBP) is being withdrawn, which amounts to S/3,500, for the group of homes that range between S/232,200 and S/343,900.

The fifth range of housing value was also withdrawn, those that are greater than S / 343,900 up to 464,200. That is, the Mivivienda Fund would no longer finance this group of properties, however, it will provide the Credit Risk Coverage (CRC) service for this segment; keeping the benefits of fixed interest rate, currency in soles and partial or total prepayment options at any time. However, the loan will be with resources from the financial institution.

“We are withdrawing our funding in the fifth range and being replaced by credit risk coverage, with which banks will be able to continue benefiting from fund support, but, on the other hand, we are going to release more than S/600 million, that they are going to be reoriented in the other ranges from one to four, which would imply more than 4,000 homes per year that are not available today,” explained Carlos Falla, general manager of the Mivivienda Fund.

New values ​​of the BBP.  Source: Mivivienda Fund

New values ​​of the BBP. Source: Mivivienda Fund


For the Peruvian Chamber of Construction (Capeco) it is a mistake that the Mivivienda Fund stops financing homes with prices between S/343,900 and S/464,200. As well as reducing the housing subsidy to those that cost between S/232,200 and S/343,900.

Guido Valdivia, executive director of Capeco, indicated that this type of measure is counterproductive because it is most likely that the sales of living place that are located in these ranges, thus preventing these properties from being placed in vulnerable segments.

Source: Larepublica

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