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Midagri: Peru seeks to be recognized internationally for cocoa and fine chocolates

The Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) reported that, with a view to 2030, Peru seeks to be recognized for its origin and high supply of cocoa and fine chocolates at the international level so that the development of the small, medium and large industry in this sector is simultaneously achieved, in the framework of the proposal of the National Plan for Cocoa and Chocolate.

This plan aims to benefit cocoa farmers from family farming, For this reason, the head of Midagri, Victor Maita, urged the institutions and organizations responsible to work for the positioning of cocoa internationally, and pointed out that “the cultivation of cocoa involves more than 100,000 families, of which 95% they are producers of family farming ”, during the inauguration of the virtual forum“ Cacao: closing gaps, sustainability and internationalization ”, organized by Midagri, through Sierra and Selva Exportadora.


They also reported that in the Peru there are 180,000 hectares of production, mainly in the regions of San Martín with 43%, Junín with 17%, Ucayali with 14% and Huánuco with 9%. In addition, Víctor Sarabia, director of Promotion and Commercial Articulation Selva de Sierra and Selva Exportadora, indicated that in order to position cocoa production abroad, it is essential to strengthen the export base and develop capacities.

“We have good opportunities with fine and aroma cocoa; With our differentiated products and organized producers, we will find the tools that will put Peruvian cocoa in the showcase of the world, ”said Sarabia.

Cocoa exports

Through a press release they reported that, last year, the Netherlands, Belgium, Indonesia and the USA. They accounted for 79% of Peru’s cocoa bean exports. In addition, they indicated that cocoa exports reach 12% each year. In 2020, sales amounted to 280 million dollars.


On the other hand, the International Trade Center consultant, Maira Vittorelli, pointed out that Europe has the highest industrial demand for cocoa beans in the world. The countries of Holland, Germany and Belgium are the main countries where you can find more and better business opportunities for cocoa.

On the other hand, the coordinator of Quality Management of Promperú, Claudia Solano, reported that there is information on the national and international market where producers can know the mechanisms, regulations and standards to avoid infractions and damage the image of our country. He also said that there are 39 regulations on cocoa and its derivatives in the Inacal virtual library.


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