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Price of a kilo of turkey reaches S / 16 a few weeks before the Christmas holidays

As the first days of December pass, the price of a kilogram of turkey in the markets of metropolitan Lima reaches an average of S / 16.

This media corroborated that at points such as Millenium Market from Breña and the Los Andes Market in El Agustino, the kilo of turkey reaches peaks of S / 16.50 and S / 15, respectively; While in the Ciudad de Dios Market in San Juan de Miraflores, the kilo can be found for up to S / 13.

In this regard, the poultry merchant Jessica Ayala from the Unicachi de Comas Commercial Complex explains that the average price of 10 kg white turkey is offered at S / 15 per kilo, while that of black turkey – usually with juicier meat and exclusive breeding in corral– reaches S / 18.


Why did the turkey go up?

Ayala explains that usually, in a context without a pandemic, the price of turkey in the Christmas season did not exceed S / 10 – although this variation, as happens in the free market, occurs according to the district in which it is bought.

However, he points out that the contraction of income caused by COVID-19, the lack of support from the Government and the rise in the dollar -which affects the costs of rearing- They have caused trading prices to skyrocket, although the uptrend only affects small traders.

“Every year the live turkey was sold (San Fernando and Redondo) between S / 8.50 and S / 9.50 per kilo (…) now the payment to San Fernando is S / 12.50 and at least we have to sell it for S / 1.50 more to earn at least S / 10 for each turkey ”, the merchant notes.


In this sense, Ayala warns that some of his colleagues in various parts of the capital are speculating on the price, alarming that it will reach peaks of S / 20 due to an alleged shortage of this bird.

“Yes or yes we will have stock, but not in abundance. There is good expectation because people are already vaccinated with two doses. And even if there are restrictions, there will be greater consumption in families ”, he foresees.

Production locked

As of September of this year – the most up-to-date data that the Ministry of Agrarian Development (Midagri) has – shows that the production of turkey on foot is 2,200 tons, an amount 38.2% lower than that registered in the same month of 2020.


In cumulative terms from January to September, 17,700 tons of turkeys were produced (22.4% less than last year, considering that 22,800 tons of turkeys were inserted in that period).

In this line, the production of turkey meat accumulated to September stagnated at 14,500 tons.

The Republic sought an official voice from Midagri to raise doubts about the turkey production indicators for the Christmas season and a possible shortage, but no response was obtained.


Frozen prices in large companies

Despite raising its prices for wholesalers –and forcing them to do the same so that they obtain a profit margin–, San Fernando maintains an average slightly lower than S / 13 per kilo in its direct sales channels to the consumer, to the point that According to Julio Villegas, head of Turkey Category of said company, foresees “positive figures” in the placement and sales of 2021.

A similar panorama is observed in the virtual and face-to-face stores of Tottus, and even with the round turkey, which sells for S / 11.49 per kilo in Plaza Vea and S / 11.99 in Wong, while in Metro it is at S / 11.49 per kilo of Cuisine turkey.


Percentage. Regarding the production of live chickens, from January to September 1 million 492,300 tons were inserted, a figure 0.7% higher than the same period in 2020.


Balance. While they were produced, As of the ninth month of 2021, 33,200 tons of laying hens (1% more than in 2020).

Rules. Julio Villegas (San Fernando) emphasizes that the price of turkey does not depend on them but that it is regulated by the market; and the increase in demand over supply also influences.


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