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In November, more than 4,000 families with a new house thanks to Mivivienda and Techo Propio

The Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS) reported that a total of 4,115 families had access to decent housing in November thanks to the Family Housing Bonds (BFH) of the Techo Propio program and the Mivivienda loans.

In the disaggregation, a total of 2,981 BFH was granted in the eleventh month of the year, which allowed the same number of families to buy or build a home through the Techo Propio program. For this, a disbursement of S / 97.7 million was required.

“This figure was 187.2% higher than the 1,038 bonds that were delivered in October. Of this total, 1,423 BFH were for the New Home Acquisition modality and 1,558 BFH were for the Construction in Own Site modality, ”the program reported.

In addition, 1,134 Mivivienda loans were granted in November, which helped Peruvians to access a property. This represented an investment of S / 171.6 million. Of these credits, 1,027 correspond to the New Mivivienda Credit, while 107 are part of the Complementary Financing Techo Propio.

It should be noted that, between January and November of this year, the BFH of the Techo Propio program and the Mivivienda loans have allowed 49,680 families nationwide to access decent and quality housing, in which the MVCS has invested more than S / 2,761 million.

What are the BFH and Mivivienda credits?

The BFH is a non-reimbursable subsidy that is given to low-income families so that they can access quality housing. In its Own Site Construction modality, the BFH is S / 38,500, and for New Home Acquisition it is S / 26,400.

The New Mivivenda Credit offers the Good Payer Bonus, which is an economic aid that ranges from S / 10,300 to S / 24,600 for those who have a good credit history. Meanwhile, the Techo Propio Complementary Financing is a loan that helps BFH beneficiary families to acquire a home.



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