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More than 80,000 taxpayers would not pay rental tax

The head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Pedro Francke, told La República that, of the 170,000 taxpayers who paid a rental tax in 2020, at least 80,000 from this group would no longer have to do so if the reform is approved. tax proposal proposed by the Executive.

“About 80,000 of them would no longer have to pay any taxes from the reform proposal we are making, which is precisely to reduce or eliminate taxes for those with very low incomes and raise taxes for those with extremely high assets or incomes ”, said the official.

What the MEF raises regarding first category income (leasing of movable and immovable property) is that the cumulative progressive scale that governs the summation of fourth category income (independent work), fifth category income ( dependent work) and foreign source income.


Thus, the annual deduction of 7 UIT (S / 30,800) would also be applied to rental income, with higher payment percentages for those with high incomes.

In this way, those people whose only monthly income is the rent of a property and this is less than S / 2,566 would not pay taxes.

That is to say, They would no longer pay the 5% that is currently paid, which meant a disbursement of up to S / 128 per month for taxpayers.


The economist and spokesperson for the Tax Justice group of Peru, Cesar Flores, explained that, currently, all rents, regardless of the amount, paid a single rate of 5%, therefore, it was necessary that progressive rates be applied so that those with high incomes contribute more.

“These changes are only focused on the highest income sector in the country. And, all international organizations, such as the world Bank, IMF, OECD, are pointing out that for the recovery of the economies a greater effort is required from the sectors that have the greatest accumulation of wealth ”, the expert pointed out.

Mining tax regime

Minister Francke also specified that the changes in the mining tax regime do not affect small or artisanal mining, but are only aimed at medium and large mining.


“The regime that we currently have and that we would maintain only by adjusting rates tells us that in 2020 only 69 companies were affected by this regime, so it is a small group of mining companies, large and medium-sized mining,” Francke pointed out to this medium.

In this sense, he considered that both medium and large mining have space to contribute more to the country, which would help improve education and health.

The data

Precision. The Minister of Economy, Pedro Francke, I affirm that the tax increases that are proposed in the tax reform would only affect 0.5% of taxpayers, they are the high-income ones.


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