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Indecopi withdraws Cheese Tris from the market

The Consumer Protection Commission No. 3 of Indecopi ordered the withdrawal from the Peruvian market, for containing trans fats in an amount higher than the current regulations, of the products Bimbolete marbling (Bimbo), panettone with raisins and candied fruits (Bell’s) and Cheese Tris (Frito Lay).

The decision taken –with a majority vote– orders the suppliers Panificadora Bimbo del Perú Sociedad Anónima, Orindale Properties Perú SAC, Supermercados Peruanos SA and Snacks América Latina SRL to notify their marketers –including those who offer in online stores– to stop distribution in a maximum period of 30 business days after notification of the resolution.

In addition, Indecopi demanded that, within seven business days, the four providers publish the order contained in the precautionary measure on their website and social networks so that all consumers are informed.

These companies have a maximum and non-extendable term of five business days –after the expiration of all those granted– to send the commission the means of proof that certify compliance with what is ordered by Indecopi in favor of the health of consumers in the country.

Companies speak out

From Supermercados Peruanos SA they specify that they will submit the Bell’s panettone to an external laboratory analysis, since the manufacturer “reported that it did comply” with the sanitary standard.

Meanwhile, they indicated that they will appeal and cease the marketing of the product at the national level.

For its part, the firm Snacks América Latina SRL assured that Cheese Tris is made “under the strictest quality standards and high sanitary standards” required by Peruvian law, therefore, they will also abide by Indecopi’s decision to withdraw their products.

Although, the processed frying company emphasizes that, according to its analysis and studies by independent laboratories and certified by the competent authority, “Cheese Tris does not have trans fats.”

The data

Should. According to the Minsa, processed products must have octagons on the front to warn about their excesses in trans fats, sugar and sodium.


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