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Minem calls for dialogue to negotiate agreements between MMG Las Bambas and residents

The latest statement to the public opinion presented by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem), released on Friday, December 3, clarified the intentions of the Executive regarding the problem between Las Bambas and the representatives of the province of Chumbivilcas. As announced by the Ministry, the PCM is making efforts to reach a consensus and provide solutions to the demands of the population.

“The Government, through the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), Minem, as well as various sectors of the Executive, carries out an articulated and sustained work in order to maintain a productive, respectful and sincere dialogue between MMG Las Bambas, the representatives of the province of Chumbivilcas and from all the localities in its sphere of influence, as well as where the so-called Mining Corridor crosses, in order to reach consensus and definitive solutions, ”the statement reads.

In this sense, the Minem affirmed to mediate as a promoter of dialogue in order to solve the disagreements that exist between the residents and the mining company. As announced, the PCM will make efforts to lay foundations in which the company and the residents benefit.

“The Minem encourages the greatest possible reflection of the actors involved to maintain the dialogue, without prejudice to the decision-making they adopt, so we call on the parties to continue working in a dialogue and coordinated manner to lay the foundations for satisfactory, fair and sustainable agreements, ”the Ministry statement emphasized.

In addition, the Minem stressed that it will seek that the resolution is fair for both parties and that it has the sole purpose of seeking the good of the country’s economy, and that it also seeks a favorable social climate.

“The Minem, as the governing body of mining activities, reaffirms that only with clear rules, subject to the current mining regulatory framework, the sustainability of operations at the national level will be maintained and a favorable social climate for communities and future investments will be built ”, the statement ended.


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