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Exchange rate in Peru: how much it is trading today Wednesday, December 1, 2021

It is Wednesday, December 1, the price of the dollar in Peru starts at S / 4.0610, according to the Bloomberg portal. On the day of yesterday, Tuesday, November 30, the price of the dollar closed higher and stood at S / 4.0620 in operations. While the greenback started the day at S / 4.0450, as reported by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

The Ministry of Economy and Finance announced that the execution of public investment will reach 36,000 million soles at the end of 2021. In this way, according to this ministerial portfolio, a historical record would be achieved. “This year’s growth [será] 13%, there is a rebound effect but 13%, we are recovering with a speed beyond the projections ”, pointed out Minister Pedro Francke.

On the other hand, the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) reported that Diego Macera Poli, Marylin Choy Chong and Carlos Oliva Neyra were sworn in as directors of the institution before Elvia Barrios, president of the Judiciary, in a ceremony offered at the Courthouse. It should be remembered that the three economists were appointed by the Congress of the Republic by majority vote on November 18.

While according to Moody’s, the real growth of the Peruvian economy will be 12% for this year thanks to the high prices of raw materials. Along these lines, by 2022 they foresee that the GDP will reach 4% but this indicator will be subject to uncertainty around public policies. This Moody’s forecast is similar to the 4.6% projected by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and 4.8% by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF); while entities such as the World Bank (WB) and the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP), bet on 3.2 and 3.4%, respectively.


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