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TC declares unfounded lawsuit against collective bargaining law

By not reaching 5 votes in agreement, the Constitutional Court declared unfounded the lawsuit against Law 31188, referring to collective bargaining in the public sector.

It should be remembered that last June the previous government of Francisco Sagasti filed the lawsuit promulgated by insistence by the Congress of the Republic.

With the arrival of Pedro Castillo at the helm, the current Minister of Justice, Anibal Torres, affirmed that the appeal for withdrawal will be filed against the lawsuits filed on the laws that regulate collective bargaining and the progressive elimination of the Administrative Contracting of Services regime. (CAS).

Likewise, in the recently approved public budget law for fiscal year 2022, it was decided to eliminate article 6 that prohibited collective bargaining in the public sector. In this way, state workers will be able to negotiate wage increases and other labor benefits.


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