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Preliminary project of the investment law, in the hands of the Executive

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The president of the National Assembly, Virgilio Saquicela, this October 5, delivered to the Executive the draft of the investment law that proposes the digital transformation of public and private institutions and a new regulation and incentives for free zones and Special Zones of Economic Development (ZEDE).

The Minister of Government, Francisco Jiménez, did not arrive at the planned ceremony and was represented by the legal secretary of the Presidency, Fabián Pozo, who highlighted the agreements reached at the technical and political tables between the Executive and Legislative, with 80% consensus around the proposal that guarantees investment, employment and security.

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The new investment bill, still with political obstacles

The President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, making use of his constitutional authority, timely presented the project before the National Assembly, Pozo pointed out. He said that in the technical and legal aspects of the content of the project there are advances.

The project has 81 articles, 7 general provisions, 3 transitory, an interpretative and a final provision.

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According to the text presented to the Executive, the project aims to create opportunities by attracting and promoting investments in multiple sectors of the economy by inserting Ecuador into the global digital economy.

It seeks to encourage the creation of quality jobs, promote efficiency in the markets, construction and regulatory improvement, as well as the simplification and adoption of digital media and technologies in administrative procedures.

Saquicela stressed that the delivery of the preliminary draft is proof that it is possible to move forward based on the dialogues, and that once President Guillermo Lasso submits the draft, he commits to continue the process, treat it with the seriousness and speed of the case, and approve it until November.

new table

The President of the Parliament announced that this Thursday he will set up a security table with the presence of Government representatives in matters of security, the justice sector, the Ombudsman’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office and heads of legislative caucuses, with the purpose of working on reforms that guarantee greater security for citizens.

A bill on the law that regulates the possession and carrying of weapons in Ecuador is pending

Saquicela said that the meeting is scheduled for 10:00, in which it is expected to form technical teams that deal with the issue of security, for which the President of the Republic was even invited, so that through his delegates he attends this political meeting.

The General Commander of the Police, the President of the National Court of Justice, the President of the Constitutional Court, the Attorney General of the State and the heads of the legislative caucuses were invited.

The purpose, added the head of the legislature, is to sit down and discuss the issue of security, about the texts that should be introduced into the Organic Comprehensive Criminal Code (COIP), which have to do with the inability of minors to be held accountable, with measures alternatives to deal with insecurity.

Once the legal-political table has been constituted, specialists in criminal law, the leaders of the chambers, professionals and representatives of civil society will be summoned to present their inputs. With this, all Ecuadorians join the fight against crime.

The issue of insecurity must be resolved within a maximum period of 60 days, so that later the Sovereignty and Integral Security Commission can present its report for a second debate in the plenary session of the Assembly, and hopefully before the end of the year it can be approved. the normative.

Saquicela clarified that insecurity is a problem of the Ecuadorian State, in which all the functions of the State have their responsibility by action and omission. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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