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With dehydrated avocado, Ecuador is a finalist in Innovation Hub Awards, in Spain

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Avocados were exported, but there was surplus product. In order not to throw them away, Interanza sought a way to take advantage of them, and so the company found the solution: dehydrated avocado, which is now among the fifteen finalists for the innovation award at the Fruit Attraction 2022 fair, which takes place in Madrid (Spain).

“Innovation is in our DNA, and we have Sebastián Miño, an extremely creative chef who has given it the touch gourmet. When we got to the prototypes, we were surprised at how good it is”, comments Santiago Pinto, president of Interanza, which is one of the companies exhibiting in Madrid in the Ecuadorian pavilion, with the support of the Corporation for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Corpei).

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Ecuador exported more than 600 tons of avocado in 2021

This food proposal fascinated the jury of the Fruit Attraction international fair, considered the most important in the world in horticulture. If it won first place in its category, the company would receive a prize of 2,000 euros. Before the jury, each contest finalist must present her product. Although the company that developed the dehydrated avocado proposal is only 16 months old, it claims to feel “optimistic and proud” of competing with leading companies, such as Syngenta or Earth Market Ibérica. The winner is chosen this Thursday, October 6.

Interanza competes with its dehydrated avocado proposal with fourteen other companies in the world in Innovation Hub Adwards 2022. Photo: Courtesy Corpei

What is most striking, according to Pinto, is all the success it has had in such a short time. Three months ago they created it and it is already sold in Ecuador, and is being recognized worldwide. The company hopes to conclude agreements so that it also enters international markets.

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“We had faith in the product, because it was something different and attractive. But we were also surprised by the possibility that it would have in European or American markets”, because “it is convenient, an easy alternative for people who do not have time”, adds Pinto.

40 Ecuadorian exporters will close 2022 at fairs in Madrid, Paris and Bangkok

This is one of the reasons that prompted him to participate with Corpei in Fruit Attraction 2022. According to Pinto, last year they were visitors and met important clients. “(Now) we decided to go one step further and, thanks to the support of Corpei, we are exhibitors”, he says

Corpei reports that Ecuadorian avocado production is on the rise every year. About 600 tons of avocado are exported in the country, about 30 containers. By 2023 it is expected to double this export.

There are 1,500 hectares planted with avocado in Ecuador, and the estimate is that it will double annually, according to a joint study between the Federation of Fruit Growers, Agrocalidad, Interanza and the FAO. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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