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With Executive Decree, 15 days are given to elect new members of the IESS Board of Directors

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The president of the Republic, William Lassosigned this Monday, October 3, Executive Decree 571 to regulate the appointment of the representatives of the insured and employers in the Board of Directors of the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS) and thereby provide governance in this institution.

This decree establishes that within 15 days the new representatives of the workers and employers be elected, since the current ones who were alternates and later assumed ownership have been in extended functions for more than ten years, when the law indicates that their terms are four years. New alternates must also be elected.

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Request to elect new members was the trigger for the administrative crisis experienced by the IESS

Luis Clavijo is the member representing the workers and was appointed as alternate on December 15, 2012 and Cesar Rodriguez, employers, on January 17, 2008. “This exceeds by more than double and triple the period of four years for which they were appointed,” said the legal secretary of the Presidency, Fabián Pozo, when reading the decree.

Both the time they have remained in their positions and because their own voters are not satisfied with their performance, these two members have been questioned.

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Executive Decree 571 contains 4 Articles and a single Repealing Provision that states: Repeal the “substitute regulation for the appointment of the representative of the insured and the representative of the employers and their respective alternates before the Board of Directors of the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute” issued through Executive Decree No. 1257 on August 3, 2012, published in the Official Gazette Supplement No. 765.

Lasso indicated that “those who have served their time must retire” and that “we will make sure that the representative of the affiliates is designated directly by labor unions. And that of employers by the Chambers of Commerce, Industries, Agriculture and Livestock, Construction and Small Industry” and that in this way the “boycott that affects the operation” of the entity will be avoided.

New structure of the IESS Board of Directors does not expand representation or solve problems of the IESS, experts say

He also argued that the IESS requires permanent attention and urgent restructuring at various levels. “We cannot leave that institution alone and adrift” and guaranteed that it will not be abandoned.

Lasso assured that his Government did not think “in patches or lukewarm cloths”, but rather sought comprehensive, effective, rapid and permanent solutions to solve this problem that has affected the IESS for years.

“We cannot allow an institution that is so emblematic and so loved by Ecuadorians to continue to function infected by politicking and corruption, the IESS, which is an institution that was born to care for and serve the affiliates, not to harm them and much less to serve to obscure interests. Who can understand that certain representatives of the affiliates or employers remain in their posts for 10 years or more in contravention of clear legal provisions and even ignoring requests from the workers’ unions themselves”, criticized the President, who assured that “now the affiliates will feel well represented.”

The president recalled the problems of management, solvency, health care and medicine supplies that have afflicted the entity for decades, emphasizing that the IESS complicated its finances when the previous government decided to withdraw 40% of contributions for the payment of retiree pensions.

“In the IESS, health care tripled, but not income”

He added that in that same government, health care for the children of affiliates tripled, but income did not increase.

“Now there is 3,700,000 contributorsbut medical services have 10,000,000 potential patients. You can’t triple the number of patients with the same budget and even worse by taking away resources, that hangs any institution, not just the IESS”, assured President Lasso.

He recalled that three weeks ago an agreement was signed to pay the “historic debt that the State has with the IESS” and $160 million were disbursed, a figure that will reach $300 million until next December, but stressed that these resources correspond to a debt from 11 years ago.

Some $ 1,226 million of ‘savings’ from IESS administrators would be in a kind of limbo, according to a private report

“We know that the doubt is greater, but until there is an audit, no one can know what the true amount is,” said the president, who assured that they are solving the supply of medicines and that this month they will reach 70% and hope to close. 2022 with 90% and by the beginning of 2023 reach 100%. He added that they also pay debts to external service providers and have already paid $147 million to Solca, the Guayaquil Charity Board and dialysis companies, among others.

While, Alfredo Ortega, president of the Board of Directors of the IESS, During his speech, he assured that the IESS is not broken as many Ecuadorians think, but rather that the principles of men who have profited for so many years at the cost of the lives of others are broken.

“I ask Ecuadorians to have faith, to be patient, we are here to work for your good. This historic day is the beginning of a significant change for Ecuador”, said Ortega, during the signing of the decree that took place in the Government of Guayas this noon.

While, the National Anticorruption Commission (CNA) reacted on his Twitter account to the enactment of the Decree. “A comprehensive audit of the management of the members of the Board of Directors of the IESS and its immediate collaborators is imperative,” the agency published.

They added: “Not only should the members César Rodríguez and Luis Clavijo be replaced on the IESS Board of Directors. Auditing your management is essential. In this context, the role of the officials that Rodríguez and Clavijo have ‘promoted’ in the management spaces of the IESS and whose presence in the current administration is evident, should also be investigated”, concluded the CNA. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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