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The new investment bill, still with political obstacles

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At the conclusion of the technical table established between the Executive and the Legislative, political disagreements still persist that would jeopardize the approval of the investment bill.

The Union for Hope (UNES) caucus gave the alert, which questions the Government’s intention to send, by urgent means, three matters in a single document. The correístas maintain that there is no unity of matter in the topics: free zones with digital transformation and the audiovisual sector.

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Investment bill will reach the National Assembly as an urgent economic issue after the legislative vacancy

This October 3, with the presence of the bench leaders and the technical teams of the Executive and Legislative Branch, the progress of the bill was evaluated and it was determined that there is 88% consensus on the texts under analysis, but that they are still open. 14 comments from the UNES caucus and the Democratic Left (ID).

The work began on August 26, when a series of meetings were held and the observations of the technical delegates of the benches to the draft delivered by the Executive on September 2 and 14 were systematized. In the process, 118 observations were presented, of which 104 were accepted and 14 points are open that should be addressed in the policy.

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The General Legal Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic reported that the 14 comments that are open refer to three issues on the regulatory Sandbox and the use of the radio spectrum, where the ID has observations.

The second topic deals with the free zones, where the UNES caucus has comments regarding the concept of the single company of the free zone, the Pachakutik caucus also observed the coexistence of the ZEDE and Free Zone systems.

The last issue that was left open has to do with an interpretive provision related to the application of the recent reforms of the Tax Code, on the joint and several liability that the administrators of a company could have with respect to tax obligations, where it was also added to the criticizes the Christian Social Party (PSC).


The president of the Assembly, Virgilio Saquicela, stressed that dialogue is the only way to combat the crisis that the country is experiencing, and highlighted the 88% consensus that the draft investment law would have, with this, the technical table transfers and delivers the work done to the political table, which will have to review and add any observations that may exist.

He announced that next Wednesday, October 5, at 09:00, the document will be delivered to the Minister of Government, Francisco Jiménez, so that it can be presented by the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, as an urgent economic matter to the National Assembly. .

However, the coordinator of the UNES bench, Pamela Aguirre, recalled that before the Government they have been clear that they do not agree that the proposal be sent in a single document because there is no unity of matter, which is essential for are qualified by the Legislative Administration Council (CAL).

That the draft has positive things, but that UNES presented eleven observations, especially to the chapter that has to do with free zones. “That would mean that we are not completely in agreement, because there is a position that at least three bills should be sent, which have to be divided.”

According to UNES, there should be three projects: the first on the investment law that is related to free zones, the reformation of various legal bodies to promote digital transformation, and the audiovisual law, whose texts have no qualms, in which there are agreements; but the issue of free zones and digital transformation is of concern, Aguirre stressed.

The sector of the citizen revolution, he added, is willing to work and continue dialoguing, but if there is no unity of matter in the project that is intended to be sent to the Assembly, “there will be a risk that it will be returned by the CAL, because they are issues abysmally different; Well, we want to attract investment, let’s do it well, let’s divide this article into three projects and collect the observations, which are not only from UNES, but also from the ID”.

Fernando Flores, from the Government bloc, reminded legislator Aguirre that in the first meetings of the table, with assemblywoman Marcela Holguín, it was agreed not to place obstacles so that at the end of the day this ends with good intentions, and there it was agreed that the bill would have two titles in a single document, and that the Legislative Technical Unit (UTL) established that there is no conflict so that by unit of matter it cannot be treated.

He said that the Assembly delivers to the country, with all the responsibility of the case, a project that will allow solutions in terms of investment, job creation and digital transformation.

The project is contained in 81 articles, of which 31 respond to digital transformation, reforms to other laws and 50 that respond directly to free zones.

Pamela Aguirre, representative of UNES, insisted that there is no relationship or unity of matter on the subject of free zones with digital transformation, therefore, it must be a different project. That more than 30 observations were presented, of which eleven were not accepted and these have to do with the single-company free zones that could lend themselves to corruption.

By putting the two issues in a single document, it is put at risk that the audiovisual issue and digital transformation, where the UNES bench agrees with the texts, is approved; therefore, there is a risk that the investment bill may not be approved with the 47 votes held by the correísta caucus, because they are two issues that do not have unity of matter, said the Imbabura representative.

He commented that the Government needs to win battles and at the moment that 88% of agreements does not exist, as it is said from the technical table at the end of its work, since the problem persists in that there is no subject unit to send a single urgent project to Parliament. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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