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These 60 companies were recognized for giving work to refugees and migrants

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Ecuador is one of the countries with the highest number of people recognized as refugees in the region and is the third country of destination for refugees and migrants from Venezuela. More than half of this population are young people and adults with great potential to contribute with their skills and professions, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), and some of them have managed to have that job opportunity in their country. host. Acnur together with the United Nations Global Compact Red Ecuador and the Sin Fronteras program of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) awarded 60 companies in Ecuador with the Inclusive Company seal, to recognize their efforts to integrate refugees and migrants.

This seal was presented last May and summoned companies and chambers of the private sector throughout the country to apply for this recognition, for their efforts in the employability of people in human mobility, their inclusion in value chains, their training, awareness of the theme and commitment and support for inclusion.

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Informal work is an outlet for 79% of Venezuelans who survive in Ecuador and 72% earn a maximum of $84 a month

“We start from the basis that we know that people in human mobility can contribute a lot to the private sector,” said Giovanni Bassu, UNHCR representative in Ecuador, who assured that “recognizing companies for providing them with work, training, support, among others , is to recognize that betting on inclusion is better business”.

For Gabriela Sommerfeld, vice president of the United Nations Global Compact Red Ecuador, “with the inclusion of this population, companies and the economy benefit. And it also makes it possible to give added value to local communities, which are the ones who have been opening the doors to refugees.”

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Unemployment rate fell almost one point in the last year, according to INEC figures

For this reason, it is considered that the regularization of the Venezuelan population in Ecuador is an opportunity to increase the productive capacity of the country.

In this first edition of the recognition, companies from all over the country and from various productive sectors, both corporations and small and medium-sized companies, were involved:

  1. 3M Ecuador
  2. Ecuador
  3. AEVD
  4. Antroprojects SC
  5. AR Holdings
  6. Asservy
  7. baguette
  8. Guayaquil Bank
  9. Pichincha Bank
  10. Bogati
  11. BP Co. Ltd.
  12. Cacmu
  13. Calbaq
  14. Huaquillas Chamber of Commerce
  15. Flowers Cap
  16. Catu
  17. Cevicheria El Gato Portovejense
  18. Ambato Clinic
  19. Havana Police Station
  20. The Forest Cooperative
  21. El Rosado Corporation
  22. DHL Express Philippines
  23. Difare
  24. dikapsa
  25. Distablese
  26. EasyPayments
  27. euro fish
  28. Family Market
  29. Fashion Club
  30. General Motors
  31. Glamorous Remi
  32. Enjoy Espresso
  33. Deliveries Group
  34. PJ SAS Group
  35. Hotel Oro Verde Cuenca
  36. Hotel Gold Green Blanket
  37. Hotel Sangay
  38. Imperial Bottling Company
  39. intact
  40. Intiarome / Lule
  41. J3M Global
  42. Marbelize
  43. Morogrill
  44. nourish
  45. ophilympia
  46. Praive
  47. procosmetics
  48. Produbank
  49. pronate
  50. Renovate and Design
  51. Cocoa Republic
  52. cheers
  53. selina basin
  54. daddy
  55. Tequimsa
  56. Ucacsur
  57. Unilever Ecuador
  58. Wellness Group
  59. working-up
  60. YUPI Snacks

“Ecuador can turn the refugee population into a productive engine for the country,” says Fernando Echeverría, deputy director of Foreign Community Inclusion at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility. While Galo Flores, Undersecretary of Mipymes and Handicrafts of the Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investments and Fisheries, congratulated “the work of the companies. This has to become an opportunity so that no one is left behind”.

The Inclusive Company seal is part of the Companies with Refugees initiative, which seeks to make visible the good practices of inclusion in the private sector. The companies and chambers that obtained the seal received a plaque of recognition, in addition to technical advice, free use of the Sin Fronteras employment exchange, practical hiring guides and catalogs of products and services, among other benefits.

“We intend to give visibility to companies that dared to break exclusion. It is time to integrate diversity and take advantage of the richness that it gives us. We have to do everything in our power,” said Paúl Arias, executive director of the Crisfe Foundation on behalf of the Sin Fronteras program. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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