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From 07:00 this October 1, the online census begins, which hopes to collect information from at least one million households

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from this October 1 will start the online census carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC), in which it is expected that at least one million households (20% of the population) digitally answer a questionnaire of 70 questions that will deal with population, housing and households. The online census is the first stage of the 8th Population Census, 7th Housing Census and 1st Identity Census, after a space of twelve years. This census process, which will last a month —from October 1 to 30—, seeks to update the country’s population data, a kind of great photograph of Ecuador.

On this occasion, the novelty is that digital tools are used to optimize the process.

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This Friday, the director of the INEC, Roberto Castillo, made the official launch of this process, and emphasized that it is a friendly tool that will be used for the first time in the country. Therefore, before filling out the form, people should familiarize themselves with the web page, which is https://censoenlinea.censoecuador.gob.ec, through some tutorial videos.

The modality of online census allows citizens to fill out the census questionnaire easily and safely, from the comfort of their home, through any device with an internet connection, explained Castillo during the presentation event. The only requirement is to have on hand the identity card of all the members of the household.

A first step is to register on the page, which will be enabled from the 07:00 to 23:59 of every day of the month. Then you can access the census questionnaire to enter the required information, which concerns three themes: household, housing and population.

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At the end of the questionnaire, a certificate will be displayed with a QR code that must be saved, in physical or digital form, to show it to the census taker during the face-to-face stage of the Ecuador Census 2022, which will be from November 7 to December 18, 2022, indicated.

The census is one of the important civic exercises for the country, because it makes it possible to make visible how many we are, where we are and how all the residents of the country live. These data serve for the future, so that members of society, both in the public and private sectors, can design and execute policies with correct information. The results are useful to determine the needs of the population and design public policies in different areas, such as health, education, economy and housing. Likewise, it will serve to promote the development of the country and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants, explained Castillo.

Among the data that citizens must provide are, for example, what is the location of the house they live in and how many people live in it. On this issue, Castillo said, no one can be left behind, and he emphatically requested that the information of children under five years of age not be left out.

You must answer about the levels of study, possible problems of hearing or visual disability, employment status and if you are affiliated with the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS).

It must be taken into account that the census is done with respect to the home. And on this issue, Castillo said, there may be several ways of organizing the home, which should be understood as the place where a common pot is shared. There may be houses where parents and children live, but also several friends, sometimes roommates, among others. All of them must be registered.

For the first time information about the pets living in the home must be included, because it seeks to have data on urban fauna.

Additionally, there will be questions about identity that have to do with the self-identification of nationalities, which allows strengthening cultural diversity.

In another topic, questions about gender identity and sexual orientation will also be answered. These questions are optional: you do not have to answer them. The director of the INEC recalled that, in accordance with the INEC law, which dates back to 1976, the data delivered to the INEC can only be used for statistical purposes.

If citizens have any questions, they can make inquiries to the telephone number 1800080808 or write to the Twitter account @censoec. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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