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Social conflicts generated an impact of S/ 20,080 million in mining

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The head of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), Aníbal Torres, during his speech at the Mining Convention Perumin 35referred to the social conflicts that exist in Peru and the economic impact that these have on the sector miner.

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According to the figures provided by the prime minister, the high level of social conflict in the mining activity areas has prevented the metallic mining sector from growing 2.3 additional points to what was registered.

“Social conflicts have cost around 2.3 percentage points of growth in the metallic mining sector, that is, more than S/ 20,080 million. This complex situation is due to the fact that as a country we have not managed to ensure that the economic wealth generated by mining also generates well-being and development in the surrounding communities, especially for the poorest inhabitants,” said Premier Aníbal Torres from Arequipa in his speech during Perumin 35.

The head of the ministerial cabinet explained that these social conflicts arise because development is not being generated in the communities surrounding the mining projectssince even in the regions with the highest mining production there are districts and provinces with high indicators of poverty and social gaps.

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Added to it, Hannibal Vasquez Torres He added that another important factor that prevents social conflicts from being resolved is the loss of trust, for which the Government will modify the terms in which the actors involved relate to establish social agreements and clear rules of the game, through dialogue.

“The Government proposes a new development approach, not only addressing the demands in conflict spaces through dialogue, but rather orienting ourselves to ensure the closing of social gaps and the generation of opportunities”, affirmed the Prime Minister.

Source: Larepublica

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