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Indecopi and SBS: users can issue claims through the Plavir application

Indecopi and SBS: users can issue claims through the Plavir application

Virtual platform facilitates the attention of citizens in terms of consumer protection of the financial system, insurance and cooperatives.

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The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) and the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) work together to improve the consumer rights protection service established in the Consumer Protection and Defense Code.

Thus, to expedite the handling of claims in the financial, insurance and cooperative fields, the entities remind that the Plavir virtual platform has been created, which allows the exchange of information and remittance of claims between both institutions.

Plavir was implemented in February 2019 thanks to the Inter-Institutional Cooperation Framework Agreement that both entities have maintained since June 2, 2017. In this sense, the time for remittance of claims received by the SBS to Indecopi was reduced from 10 days to 2.

In detail, the SBS referred a total of 12,673 cases, through the aforementioned application, and responded to a total of 209 queries and information requests made by Indecopi.

For its part, Indecopi reminds citizens that the channels for filing complaints or complaints are available at any of its offices nationwide, through the email [email protected] or through the Virtual Claim platform. in the Web page.

Source: Larepublica

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