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Peruvian competitiveness continues without recovering

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So far this year, national productivity has still not exceeded pre-pandemic levels, to the point that 20 of the 26 regions in total have extremely low figures (see infographic).

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While of the rest, six are in the very low range (Moquegua, Callao, Arequipa, Ica and Tacna); and only metropolitan Lima in medium-low, according to the Regional Competitiveness Index of Peru (ICRP) of Centrum PUCP.

It is worth noting that the ICRP measures factors such as the economy, government, infrastructure, companies and people in each region; and although compared to 2021 there is an average progress of 4%, the pace of competitiveness continues to be lost.

“Despite the fact that the pandemic affected us all, the ranking shows that Lima is still in first place with almost 59 points out of a possible 100; which does not put it well but only in ‘medium low’, and reveals the centralism and distancing that exists with the rest of the regions, ”added Luis del Carpio, specialist director of the Master’s Degree in Management of Regional Competitive Development of Centrum, for La República. PUCP.


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Despite the fact that Peru’s macroeconomic indicators, as well as labor indicators, have already exceeded the figures for 2019, the decline persists in these sectors that are intended to be a management tool, according to Del Carpio.

Along these lines, he assures that the policies implemented with the arrival of COVID-19 have not aimed at competitiveness since they only responded to emergency measures; and warns that at least five years must pass to recover the pace of growth “if all goes well”.

On the other hand, Leonie Roca, advisory director of the Master’s Degree in Regional Competitive Development Management at Centrum PUCP, regrets that public investment is frustrated during the first year of each new subnational government, due to the upcoming elections. “There must be a body of managers that does not change depending on who enters,” she specified.

Infographics / The Republic

Lima continues in first place, but he does not put it well, but only in “medium low”. He reveals centralism and distance.

Source: Larepublica

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