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Las Bambas: 4 of 6 dialogue tables have already been resolved, says company

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Edgardo Orderique, general manager of Operations of The Bambasreported that four of the six dialogue tables set up between the company and the communities already have practically 100% of their commitments reviewed.

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During his presentation at Perumin 2022, the executive said that in the two remaining tables there are pending issues related to the Huancuire and Fuerabamba communities, specifically resettlement and land acquisition.

“We are moving from a conflict review model to a project development and execution model that is important for both parties,” he said.

Along these lines, Orderique recalled that the cost of social conflicts, from 2016 to date, is around 528 days of interrupted operations in the transport of concentrate, that is, almost a year and a half of stoppage.

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Only in the last suspension of operations, our country stopped receiving more than US$ 540 million in exports. In addition, Apurímac stopped receiving S / 182 million in economic resources and 75,000 people, who depend on the company, were harmed.

“Las Bambas will continue betting on investing, because Peru is a country with great conditions to continue operating and it is a platform for growth at the Latin American level,” Orderique encouraged.

It should be noted that Las Bambas has explored 10% of the mining concessions and still has to explore 90% of the 35,000 concession hectares. In this sense, the company has the confidence to find additional resources that add value to its operation.

“It is necessary to strengthen the institutional and rule of law of all actors and prevent and manage social challenges in a timely manner and not after, because then it is much more complicated to make viable sustainable agreements with the communities,” he concluded.

Source: Larepublica

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