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There is more than one option to find and review your electronic invoices

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Last Saturday, Eduardo Carpio bought several cuts of meat and other products in a refrigerator in the north of Guayaquil. Two minutes after the local cashier asked for his email, a notification arrived on his cell phone, it was the $49.50 bill for his consumption.

Like Carpio, taxpayers, most of the time, in addition to receiving a physical invoice when they buy a product or pay for a service, they also receive the electronic receipt in their emails, which, like physical receipts, are also important and serve to income tax declarations before the Internal Revenue Service (SRI).

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“I have been making my declaration for five years with the help of electronic receipts, the papers (physical invoices) are lost or damaged over time, since most are made of thermal paper and the information begins to be erased and it is difficult to read the amounts. ”, maintained Carpio.

Deadline for mandatory electronic invoicing triggers the offer of software and packages ranging from $5 to $40

The SRI introduced electronic invoicing in 2014 and currently 96% of what is invoiced in Ecuador is done electronically. The remaining 4% have an unappealable deadline, until next November 30, to have them.

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According to figures from the SRI, published on its website, until September 22, they have been broadcast in the country 13,821,482,852 electronic receipts, which represents, according to the entity, having saved 1,796,793 trees.

But, how can a taxpayer review all the electronic invoices that have been issued in a given period of time?

Elena Arévalo, tax advisor and manager-owner of B&A Negocios y Servicios, He explained that any taxpayer, only with his identity card, can consult and review these documents on the SRI website, after creating a username and password.

“You have to go to the SRI and request the key or if you have an electronic signature you can get the key and it will arrive in the mail. It is not necessary to have a RUC to have a password, anyone with an ID can have a password from the SRI”, explained the expert. Three channels are available in the SRI system to generate a password for the first time: automatic, electronic and face-to-face.

These are the steps to generate a key in the SRI:

automatic channel

  1. Enter the online SRI option of the institutional web portal www.sri.gob.ec.
  2. Go to the Keys section, option to generate or recover key.
  3. Complete the requested data.
  4. You will receive a link to the registered email to generate your password.

To carry out this procedure, you must have a valid, current and recognized electronic signature certificate in Ecuador.

electronic channel

  1. Enter the online SRI option of the institutional web portal www.sri.gob.ec.
  2. Go to the Keys section, option to generate or recover key.
  3. When entering the portal, it will request the corresponding requirements, it should be noted that the Agreement on Responsibility and Use of Electronic Means must be duly signed electronically, in which a unique and valid email address must be registered per taxpayer.

Face-to-face channel

You can go to the service center of your choice, check here the authorized agencies nationwide.

  1. Present an identification document (identity card, passport or driver’s license).
  2. Present the last voting certificate.

Once the key is obtained, these are the steps to review the electronic invoices received:

  1. Enter SRI online, www.sri.gob.ec, click on the Start Session button at the top right.
  2. Enter the username and password and click the Login button.
  3. On the left side of the screen, the main menu of SRI online will be displayed.
  4. Click on Electronic Billing.
  5. In the displayed options, click on Received electronic receipts.
  6. Enter data for the query (identification, issue period and type of voucher).
  7. Click on Consult.

Nevertheless, Alejandro Pulley, general manager of Azur, a company dedicated to the commercialization of software of electronic invoicing, indicated that people who do not have a RUC can create a username and password directly on the SRI page, but for this they must have a file-type electronic signature and this means that not everyone can access this service.

Pulley pointed out other options using platforms and applications that allow these downloads, whose operations are based on three models. However, the disadvantage is that the use of these applications, for the most part, are paid and only used by companies.

The first option is that taxpayers give an email from the application whenever they buy something, in the case of Azur it is [email protected] Pulley stated that this means that all the receipts that arrive in the mail are organized in the portal of their clients.

The second alternative, revealed the businessman, is to carry out a massive download through the report of electronic receipts from the SRI. “The portal generates a TXT file with all the access keys. This file is uploaded to the platform and it is responsible for going through it and downloading all the XML and PDF of the receipts issued to the taxpayer”, said Pulley, and assured that Azur also has this option available.

Since when will electronic invoicing be mandatory in Ecuador?

Finally, it can be done by means of a robot, which does the same as the second option, but we must give the robot the credentials so that it can access our SRI account and download the report automatically.

”Another option is using the download links that every electronic receipt must have at the bottom, in that same section you must indicate the username and password with which they must access to download, the disadvantage is that the taxpayer must enter on different pages to download your receipts”, added the expert.

Meanwhile, Arévalo, who also sells platforms for electronic invoicing and also electronic signatures, highlights the advantages of having electronic invoices in the SRI system.

“You can download all your documents from the SRI and have them recorded, and when you want to make your income tax return you have all the information at hand,” said the tax expert, who indicated that it is a great help for people who are not So neat with your documents.

Another advantage, he added, is that legally the documents must be kept for seven years, “but the SRI does it for you.”

However, for people who prefer to organize their electronic invoices month by month and not wait until the end to download or review all their receipts, Arévalo suggested creating folders by month and placing each invoice in PDF format there.

Other tips are:

  1. Have a storage device such as a USB, external hard drives or have the invoice in an email.
  2. If we use email, we can order digital invoices by date to have a chronological order of operations.
  3. Use descriptive file names, put the date, the subject, the people or companies involved; everything that helps you to know what it is about without having to waste time opening it.
  4. Write the dates in reverse: first the year, then the month, and finally the day. It is not natural in our language, but in this way the list will be ordered automatically. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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