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What would be the price of super premium 95 gasoline that would be marketed in the Ecuadorian market from the fourth week of October?

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The last In the week of October, super premium 95-octane gasoline will begin to be marketed in Ecuador, as reported by the state company Petroecuador this Thursday, September 22. It is an environmentally friendly fuel of superior quality, required by vehicles with high compression engines with advanced technology. euros 4, 5 and 6.

At the moment the question is at what price this new product will be marketed, which, together with ecoplús 89 gasoline, form part of Petroecuador’s strategy to improve the quality of gasoline.

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According to Oswaldo Erazo, executive director of the Chamber of Petroleum Derivatives Distributors (Camddepe), the estimated price of this new gasoline would be about 5 or 7 cents above the current super gasoline 92which instead will disappear from the market and will be replaced by the superplús 95.

He explains that this new gasoline, which is imported by Petroecuador, will arrive in Ecuador according to international prices. Considering that at the moment fuel prices are falling, and that on October 12 there will be a recalculation, then he estimates that the price could reach one very similar to the one that is currently handled with super 92 octane gasoline and that is $4.68.

Meanwhile, Fernando Santos Alvite, former Minister of Energy, He says that in order to have a reference of how much this new gasoline will cost, the terminal prices in the United States must be taken into account, and freight costs and the margin of the marketers in the country must be increased.

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For Santos, the price of gasoline super of 95 is going to be high, above $ 5. This will cause there to be no market or no appetite for this product.

He adds that he fears that the same thing could happen that has already been happening with the ecoplús 89 market, which is not having enough acceptance among consumers.

In this sense, Santos says that what the Government is leaving the risk of importing these fuels to the private company. He explains that the necessary legal modifications have already been made so that importers bring fuel under the same conditions as Petroecuador.

In Ecuador super 92 gasoline, which was the only one with a free price (now so is the ecoplús 89), it has had important variations, precisely related to the increase in fuel prices at the international level (related to the economic reactivation and Russia’s war against Ukraine).

In 2021, Ecuador had a gallon of super $3.40 and the first adjustment of the year -on January 12- placed this fuel at $3.52. For February and March it rose to $3.68 and $3.98, respectively.

In April it already exceeded the threshold of $4 and remained in that range for three months. The suggested price as of April 12 was $4.66 per gallon; as of May 12 it was $4.49 and as of June 12 it was $4.86. However, for July the reference value was $5.20. For August 12, there was a slight decrease: $5.13. In September, on the other hand, it had a good reduction by placing itself at a suggested price of $4.68.

In the United States, the price of gasoline varies from state to state, mainly due to the tax burden placed on it, due to the environmental policies of each state government.

For example in California can go as high as $5.05 (the additional price is due to environmental taxes) and in New York registered price is $4.37.

The arrival of super premium gasoline 95 was scheduled for October 12, but this Thursday, September 22, Petroecuador reported that there will be a delay until the fourth week of October. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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