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Marketing of super premium gasoline 95 is delayed until the fourth week of October

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The Potential consumer customers of the best quality gasoline will have to wait until the fourth week of October to have super premium 95 gasoline available in Ecuador. The dispatch of this new fuel that will replace the super 92 was scheduled for October 12, as announced in the previous administration (both in the time of Ítalo Cedeño and Washington Gallegos), but this September 22, the state company Petroecuador reported that this fuel will begin to be sold by the last week of October.

Petroecuador said that it continues to work on the logistics preparation to dispatch super premium 95 gasoline and thus achieve the improvement of characteristics that benefit vehicle engines and the environment.

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The company recalled that the first shipment of Ron 95 High Octane Naphtha arrived a few days ago aboard the Torm Supreme ship with an approximate volume of 300,000 barrels. and that it was unloaded at the Libertad terminals, in Santa Elena and Esmeraldas. This was the first step to start changing inventories at EP Petroecuador’s terminals and refineries to ensure the quality of gasoline for the customer.

Oswaldo Erazo, executive director of the Chamber of Petroleum Derivatives Distributors (Camddepe), reported that they are no longer surprised by this new delay, because in general the oil company has been incurring problems lack of planning both with ecoplús 89 gasoline and with this one.

He recalled that a few days ago they learned of an inconvenience they had when bringing gasoline from abroad due to a problem with the Flopec shipping company. In any case, he said, the distributors will be ready when the new fuel arrives to be able to replace the super 92 with the 95 and distribute it nationwide.

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The importation was carried out through a public tender with the consequent award on August 8 for a total supply of 1,770,000 barrels of the derivative to the company Tartan Oilwith the delivery of six shipments of 295,000 +/- 2% barrels each.

Before en September 9, it became known that there had been an inconvenience between the Tartan company and Flopec, since they did not agree on the issue of transportation. In the end, the problem was overcome and the cargo arrived in the country.

The imported derivative makes it possible to obtain better quality gasoline in terms of octane and sulfur content as it contains three additional octanes.

Super Premium 95 that will be distributed throughout the Ecuadorian territory will have a free price, according to the Regulation for the pricing of derivatives (Reform according to Executive Decree No. 1158, 2020), and the value of the gallon will fluctuate according to international market conditions.

This fuel will probably be consumed in 5% of the gasoline market. The rest of the market consumes extra gasoline, ecopaís and also ecoplus 95 gasoline, which is still in the testing phase only in three provinces of the country.

As indicated, the price of super premium gasoline will be about 5 to 7 cents more than the price of 92 octane gasoline, always attached to the international price. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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