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King Carlos III: how much is his salary and what taxes will he pay?

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Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8. It was thus that the one who was left in charge of the British crown was her eldest son, the king charles iii. The new monarch of England will receive an annual salary similar to that of his mother. This is called the sovereign grant, which is a payment based on a percentage of the British crown’s wealth. How much does it amount to?

How much will King Carlos III earn?

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According to the English media, it has been calculated that King Carlos III would obtain an annual salary of approximately US$98 million. This equates to about $8.1 million a month.

In Britain, regular citizens have to pay inheritance tax, which amounts to 40% of any estate that is valued at over £325,000 (about $374,000). The king charles iii will you have to pay this tax?

Is the inheritance of Queen Elizabeth II subject to tax?

Although there is an inheritance tax in England, in 1993, under an agreement between the monarchy and the then Prime Minister, John Mayor, the heritage passed from a sovereign to his successor is not subject to this tax.

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However, the new monarch did agree to follow the model of his mother and pay income tax, since it is necessary to remember that, in 1992, Queen Elizabeth II voluntarily agreed to pay this tribute for the following year. The king charles iiwhen he was Prince of Wales, he maintained that he would emulate his mother.

Source: Larepublica

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