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Apartment rentals: in which district can I find the lowest prices in Lima?

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The price rental of apartments in Metropolitan Lima has been reduced in the last year, according to a study by the real estate portal Properati. While many people continue to adapt to the lifestyle imposed by the pandemic, a significant number of families have moved to districts far from the city center, the report indicates.

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“The decrease in rental prices is a sign that the market is still waiting for demand to grow again,” says Carlos Vourakis, head of sales for Properati in Peru. He also stressed that people’s purchasing power has decreased “due to the devaluation of the currency and the economic crisis due to the costs of various imported products.”

Where to find cheap real estate rentals in Lima?

According to the real estate company’s analysis, the cheapest rental of Metropolitan Lima is located in Carabayllo, where you can rent a department of 114 square meters (average area) costs US$ 293 per month. Also on that list are the northern districts Stone bridge (US$318) and Independence ($330).

On the contrary, San Isidro is the most expensive district of Lime to rent an apartment, with US$ 1,241 on average. continue Miraflores ($1,169) and Ravine ($1,023). In this way, the districts that are located within the 10 most expensive exceed US$ 834 per month per lease. Check out the full list below:

District Average monthly rent Interanual variation
San Isidro $1,241.4 15.1%
Miraflores $1,169.5 5%
Ravine $1,023.3 -14.2%
San Borgia $963.3 12.4%
Santiago de Surco $914.6 11.9%
Lynx $904.1 -9.7%
Magdalena of the Sea $878.7 -13.3%
Jesus Maria $859.3 1.7%
Surquillo $833.6 -13.8%
Free town $758.5 -4.3%
La Molina $755.1 3.7%
Fencing Lima $714.7 -1.7%
The victory $706.2 -20.5%
San Miguel $697.1 -14.9%
Brena $677.6 -27.5%
saint Louis $653.7 -18.7%
mussels $647.4 -9%
tie $543.9 -9.1%
Santa Anita $529.3 -27.6%
Saint John of Miraflores $476.5 -18%
the olive trees $440.7 -2.1%
Chaclacayo $433.7 -28.7%
San Martin de Porres $408.8 -28.4%
Rimac $408 -38.3%
commas $383 -0.3%
San Juan de Lurigancho $379.3 10.9%
Independence $330.1 -38.3%
Stone bridge $317.9
Carabayllo $293.3
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It is also worth mentioning the variation in prices that occurred in Metropolitan Lima During last year. in Rimac, Independence Y Chaclacayo, the rental value was reduced between 28% and 38%. On the contrary, an increase of between 11% and 15% was registered in the districts of San Isidro, San Borgia Y Santiago de Surco.

Source: Larepublica

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