The minimum support price for a quintal of hard yellow corn, with 13% moisture and 1% impurities, was set at USD 16.33 until December this year. This was reported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) this Wednesday, June 7, in the afternoon. This new price represents an increase of $0.58 compared to the current 2022 price of $15.75.

Hard yellow corn is the main raw material for the preparation of balanced animal feed, which is required by the industry dedicated to the production of animal proteins: chicken meat, pork meat and eggs.

Corn producers closed the Buena-Santo Domingo highway demanding a fair price

The State Portfolio reported that the price was the product of an agreement between producers and the industry, which was reached at a meeting of the Yellow Maize Advisory Council, which was attended by representatives of all actors in the production chain. In this area, the minimum support price and the price of commercialization were discussed.

In this regard, they also agreed that in the last week of the month, the undersecretary for marketing will announce the market price of corn for the following month.

In addition, impurities and moisture items will be included in the commercial price table.

The council was attended by Aurelio Sea, Henry Peña, Marco Andrade and Karina Arcos, representatives of the producers of the province of Los Ríos; Joffre Quimis, representative of producers of the province of Manabí; Freddy Freire, from Guayas In addition, Germán Zambrano, representative of the Association of Collection Service Providers; Gustavo Freire, from the Association of Balanced Animal Feed Producers (AFABA); Jorge Josse, from Approbal; Paúl Parra, from the Association of Pig Breeders of Ecuador; Ramiro Apolo, from the Federation of Poultry Breeders and Livestock Producers of Ecuador, and Juan Francisco Jaramillo, from the National Corporation of Poultry Breeders of Ecuador.