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Chicken price drops to S/8.50 per kg in Lima markets

Chicken price drops to S/8.50 per kg in Lima markets

Decrease in the prices of the meat of this bird provides an alternative to the fish shortage due to abnormal waves.

  • Chicken price drops to S/10 per kg in Lima markets
  • Fish price increases in the presence of abnormal waves

He chicken price continues to decline. The cost of the meat of this bird is located at S/8.50 after having experienced two decreases in recent weeks, in which initially it was around S/13 per kilo and, as the days went by, it bordered on S/ 10. This variation in costs It occurs at a time when fish is scarce, with a notorious rise due to abnormal waves that have been occurring on the Peruvian coast. For his part, he egg value It has not changed and remains at S/10.

It was learned that in markets such as Limoncillo (Rímac), La Aurora (Cercado), Central Market (Cercado), Jardín and Lobatón —both in Lince—; prices are between S/8.50 and S/10 per kilo. The supply centers have seen an increase in the demand for this poultry product, which was seriously affected by the worldwide shortage of wheat, corn and soybean oil, which serve as food for these birds.

Source: Larepublica

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