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Produce partially suspends exploratory fishing due to high incidence of juveniles

Produce partially suspends exploratory fishing due to high incidence of juveniles

According to the preliminary report from Imarpe, there is an incidence of juveniles of up to 50% and an increase in fishing effort has been evidenced.

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He Ministry of Production (Produce) partially suspended the exploratory anchovy fishery due to the high incidence of juveniles. So much so that it will not be possible to capture this species in certain areas from 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday the 6th until its completion, that is, on Friday, June 9. It should be noted that it is not the first authorized suspension, in previous days three areas were temporarily closed.

Through Directorial Resolution No. 00106-2023-PRODUCE/DGSFS-PA, it is stated that the Institute of the Sea of ​​Peru (Imarpe) sent this Tuesday, June 6, a preliminary report on June 5 and 6, which shows a high incidence of juveniles greater than 50%, in various coastal areas, mainly off Bayovar, outside Pimentel and off Huarmey and Chancay.

In addition, it has been shown the increase in fishing effort (number of times the nets are thrown into the sea) and daily catch rates; Therefore, it recommends the implementation of space-time closures, as a protection measure for juvenile anchovy, until the end of exploratory fishing in the following areas:

  • Between 05°30’00”S to 06°00’00”S, within 20 nautical miles (nm).
  • Between 07°00’00”S to 07°30’00”S between 20 and 40 nautical miles (nm).
  • Between 09°30’00”S to 10°30’00”S, within 20 nautical miles (nm).
  • Between 11°30’00”S to 12°00’00”S, within 20 nautical miles (nm).

For this reason, the General Directorate of Supervision, Inspection and Sanction of Produce decided to suspend the extractive activities of the anchovy (Engraulis ringens) and white anchovy (Anchoa nasus) resource, in the indicated areas, until the end of the exploratory fishing authorized by Ministerial Resolution 191-2023-PRODUCE.

Source: Larepublica

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