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Midagri: Executive promulgates law that prioritizes direct marketing of island guano

In order to guarantee the sustained growth and productivity of small farmers in the field, the Executive enacted Law No. 31361 that “prioritizes the direct marketing of island guano in favor of the family farmer”, a device that modifies Law 26857, which created the Special Project to Promote the Use of Fertilizers from Seabirds.

With the changes made, as of the date the attributions and functions of the Special Project will be to commercialize the island guano and organize its distribution in coordination with the competent entities of the agricultural sector, considering in first order of priority the commercialization to the family farmer to Nacional level.

The standard also stipulates as a complementary measure that direct marketing is understood to be the sale made between the Special Project for the Promotion of the Use of Fertilizers from Seabirds, absorbed through Supreme Decree 014-2008-AG by the Rural Agricultural Productive Development Program, and the family farmer.

In 30 days, the Agro Rural program, attached to the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), will adapt internal regulations.

For his part, Minister Víctor Maita Frisancho pointed out that the Government’s commitment is to provide accessible fertilizers to small producers of family farming, which will guarantee the production of food for the Agricultural Campaign 2021-2022.

For this, the minister recalled that, since September, Midagri launched the national campaign to support family farming with alternative fertilizers, such as chicken manure and island guano in more than 10 regions.


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