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Minem: they publish an expanded list of provinces that will have access to LPG balloons

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) published the expanded list of provinces that will benefit from Law No. 29852, which creates the Hydrocarbon Energy Security System and the Social Energy Inclusion Fund creates the Energy Social Inclusion Fund (FISE) as an energy compensation system, which allows to provide security to the system, as well as a social compensation scheme and mechanisms for universal access to energy.

The ministerial resolution n 035-2021-MINEM / VMH informs that the Canoas de Punta Sal, Casitas and Zorritos districts of the Contralmirante Villar province of the Tumbes region will also be allowed access to fuel since it has been verified that Lot X is located in the aforementioned province.


“The benefit of the FISE for the promotion for the access of LPG to Vulnerable Sectors, applicable to LPG bottles of up to 10 Kg, is granted only once for each calendar month, through the LPG Discount Voucher, whose person in charge of its issuance is the Electricity Distribution Companies defined in paragraph 1.5 of article 3 and in the First Complementary Provision of said Regulation ”, says the document.

The complete list of beneficiary provinces is as follows:

Region province District
Piura Shirt Arenal
Piura Piura The sand
Piura Piura The Union
Piura Talara La Brea
Piura Talara The organs
Piura Talara The tall
Piura Talara Pariñas
Piura Talara Lobitos
Piura Sechura Rinconada Llicuar
Piura Sechura Bellavista of the Union
Piura Sechura Sechura
Piura Sechura Vice
Piura Sechura Bernal
Piura Sechura Christ Worth Us
Ucayali Father Abbot Curimana
Tumbes Rear Admiral Villar Canoes of Punta Sal
Tumbes Rear Admiral Villar Casitas
Tumbes Rear Admiral Villar Zorritos


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