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Low cost franchises: 3 reasons to invest in this business model from US$15,000

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You have savings and looking to generate profit? The low cost franchises, better known as low cost, are a business model that is interesting for those people or investors who have limited resources. In this way, from US$15,000 to US$30,000 you will be able to access a profitable trade that will generate a high return on a monetary level.

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The Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL), through its Business Development Center, pointed out that low-cost franchises represent a good opportunity for the entrepreneurial community, since they will allow them to generate profits in the short term. “investing much less capital compared to traditional franchises.”

Along these lines, these low-cost businesses can be applied to any sector within the market and are not reduced to just one, adapting to the needs of emerging entrepreneurs who seek to reduce the investment value and make it more accessible.

If you dared to invest in a low cost franchise or will consider this business idea in the future, the CCL provided three reasons to make it a reality.

1. Small premises

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The infrastructure of a low-cost business is usually small; also, less equipment is required for its operation. The CCL cited as an example some franchises of the gastronomic sector, which use an area of ​​30 m².

2. Fewer operating resources

If the premises are small in size, the operating expenses for their operation are relatively lower. This reduces the cost for rent, installation, maintenance, as well as fewer employees will be needed, which translates into less expenses and more profits for the employer.

3. Offers and low prices

Low cost franchises, having lower operating expenses, have the advantage of offering products or services with attractive offers for consumers, with which they achieve loyalty with their public.

How to choose a low cost franchise?

Finally, the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) gave a recommendation to entrepreneurs interested in investing in a low-cost franchise:

  • Identify if the sector to choose meets your professional profile
  • Being passionate about the sector to choose, with the aim of achieving optimal performance.

Source: Larepublica

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