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Government has three weeks to resolve the mining conflict

The Executive’s clarification regarding the closure of mines has not gone quite right in Ayacucho. After the president of the Council of Ministers, Mirtha Vasquez, will try to reduce the private sector with new dialogue tables, the leaders and residents of the areas of influence of the Pallancata, Inmaculada, Breapampa and Apumayo projects announced new measures of force if the agreement signed in Coracora on November 19 is not complied with. .

“There are no unilateral closures and closing a mine is not overnight, but rather it is progressive,” said the premier in a second moment.

Indeed, Julio Guillermo Gutierrez, president of the Parinacochas Defense Front, one of the southern provinces of Ayacucho hardest hit by extractive activity, reported that the signed act contemplates the presentation of the schedule of visits to the mining units, scheduled for December 15, the which should specify with which reservoir the closure process begins. “The Executive is going to lead this closure plan, that we have decided in our public assembly in Coracora, and we hope to carry it out. Until December 15 we have to give it a course. If we will not have to continue with our protest measure, that is clear, “he said.


From the very flank, Paulino Quillca Huamaní, former mayor of the district of Chaviña (Lucanas) and former president of his community, considers that the PCM has “betrayed” them by putting on the table of the National Mining, Petroleum and Energy Society (SNMPE) agreements that had not been reached with the citizens. negotiated. In Chaviña, whose Calicanto and Puchcco rivers are affected by the effect of Apumayo, a meeting was held yesterday to define their position.

“We have been in a measure of struggle since 2015. Only last week, at least, the minister came to provide a solution, but yesterday (Wednesday) from what has been heard we believe that she has retracted around the closure of mines. The people are again concerned, surely there will be a measure of struggle also against the minister for this, “he said.

For his part, Che Bernaola, president of the Parinacochas Fighting Committee, mentioned that by the end of the month the commitment was to bring together all those involved: Government, miners and community members. And he reaffirmed that the strike is suspended, but they will wait for the fulfillment of the schedule set for December 15.


One basin, two minutes

The citizens of southern Ayacucho brandish the act signed by Prime Minister Vásquez in which he agrees to constitute a commission for the “negotiation of terms and terms of withdrawal of the four mining units” from the head of the controversial basin.

Already last January, the locals had held a meeting to express their concern to the former Minister of Energy and Mines Jaime Galvez, with whom they only obtained a document in which the Government undertook to carry out visits on health and environmental control. Nor were they fully realized, because “the second wave was beginning.” Gálvez does not rule out that, as a result, tempers have heated up.

“Yes, I was in Puquio on January 27, in a fairly participatory meeting with the defense fronts. But there was no agreement to close the mines, as they say, there was only a request from them that was included in the minutes, ”he told La República.



Vein. The shares of the company Hochschild Mining showed positive figures after the recent clarification of the PCM about the closure of its Inmaculada and Pallancata mines.

Tailings OEFA made 82 supervision actions to the four mines since 2010. In total, there were 114,913 UIT in fines.

Minutes in November and January

November 19th. Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez signed the Act of Coracora with leaders of the provinces of Lucanas, Parinacochas and Páucar del Sara Sara.

January 27th. In the Government of Sagasti an agreement was signed with the former Minister of Minem Jaime Galvez.



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