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PJ: Gloria will no longer be able to use powdered milk to make evaporated milk

PJ: Gloria will no longer be able to use powdered milk to make evaporated milk

The Supreme Court of Lima has ruled that Glory S.A. It will not be able to use powdered milk to produce evaporated milk again, after the company filed an amparo claim against Supreme Decree 004-2022-MIDAGRI, which had restricted it since last October.

The group maintained that the prohibition affected their freedom to do business, based on criteria of equality, proportionality and reasonableness.

The appeal known this week determined that the decree did not violate Gloria’s rights, since it did not prevent the use of powdered milk, but only updated the guidelines for producing and selling evaporated milk.

The blue jar was labeled to make way for the purple version that complied with the provision of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri).

The Republic recently reported a drastic reduction in supply, precisely, of Gloria’s purple jar in the local market. The delivery for the Glass of Milk programs was not finalized either.

The blue jar of glory should continue to be called reconstituted milk, which is the new label that the company has launched since October 2022.

Gloria will appeal for powdered milk

In a press release, Gloria announced that she will appeal the decision of the Third Specialized Constitutional Court, but that this will not mean that she will abide by the sentence issued in the first instance.

“However, this does not prevent the exercise of our constitutional right to continue questioning before the competent instances the modification to the aforementioned Regulation, since we consider that said norm is anti-technical, arbitrary and contrary to the Constitution and the rights that it guarantees,” he specified. the company.

Source: Larepublica

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