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Regular and premium gasoline: reference prices rise for this week

Regular and premium gasoline: reference prices rise for this week

The Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin) reported an increase for this week in the referential prices of petroleum-derived fuels in our country.

The price per gallon of gasohol regular went from S/8.79 to S/9, while premium gasohol went from S/9.21 to S/9.42. The 84 octane gasohol rose from S/7.84 to S/8.06.

In the case of the gasoline regular, the price went from S/8.65 to S/8.87, while the premium presentation did the same from S/9.10 to S/ 9.32. The 84 octane gasoline rose from S/7.62 to S/7.85.

It should be remembered that gasohol is 92.2% common gasoline mixed with 7.8% fuel alcohol. It is used throughout Peru, except in jungle regions where humidity is so high that it affects its performance.

In the case of low sulfur B5 Diesel, the price went from S/9 to S/9.2; while, in the case of Diesel B5 high in sulfur, the needle moved from S/5.64 to S/5.68. This is the fuel used, for example, by truckers.

Industrial Oil 6 rose from S/6.55 to S/6.70, while the Industrial Oil 500 rose from S/6.41 to S/6.57. Both are used as a source of combustion, generally in boilers and other industrial activities.

Finally, the price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) per kilogram went from S/1.81 to S/1.84. The reference prices correspond only to the wholesale chain, so their values ​​will not necessarily be reflected in the faucets and retail service chains.

Source: Larepublica

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